The Four Eyes Principle in the Language Industry: How Does it Work?

Miloš Matović 2 years ago Comment

Every serious language service provider has a quality management system in place that may include various steps depending on the project requirements. However, these quality management systems are always built around the two major phases of translation/localization project – translation and revision (also known as bilingual editing) that are performed by two individual linguists or linguist teams.

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Recertification Audit: ISO 9001 and EN 15038

Ciklopea 8 years ago Comment
Recertification Audit: ISO 9001 and EN 15038 | Blog | Ciklopea

Last week, three years after Ciklopea was first awarded these certificates, evaluation process and recertification audit were successfully completed, which proves that all the processes are in compliance with all the standards requirements. Once again it has been confirmed that Ciklopea places the strategic focus on quality management. Sometimes clients choose a translation services provider […]

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