Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output (ISO 18587:2017)

Download the certificate (PDF, 1 page, English, 784  kB)

ISO 18587:2017 provides guidelines and requirements for the post-editing of content that has been generated by machine translation systems. Post-editing involves human translators reviewing and improving the output produced by machine translation engines to ensure the quality, accuracy, and fluency of the final translated text. ISO 18587 establishes a framework for collaboration between human translators and machine translation systems, defining the competencies and qualifications required for post-editors.

This ISO standard covers:

  • Full Machine Translation Post-Editing
  • Light Machine Translation Post-Editing

With full MT post-editing, language experts ensure that the translated text is of a quality equal to that provided by a human translator. With light MT post-editing, we make light changes to produce an accurate and understandable translation without entering too deeply into the translation (e.g., no localization or focus on style and tone of voice). Both have their advantages and their place in different projects.

ISO 18587:2017 is used by language service providers, their clients, and post-editors.