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About Ciklopea

Ciklopea is an industry-focused provider of language solutions enabling companies to reach, engage and support clients from around the world.

Top Quality Service and High Level of Professionalism

Fastest Response Time in Our Industry
Guaranteed Delivery Time
Flexibility To Meet Individual Needs

The Company

Our idea of what a top quality linguistic product should be has been perfected over more than a decade of industrial experience, dedication to excellence and careful building of our unique business culture.

Over the past 20+ years, Ciklopea has grown from a home-based startup to an industry leader through continuous investment in people, processes and technologies and this is the path we continue to follow.

We understand the importance of language and cultural intelligence in global business success and our linguistic products have been developed to accommodate the specific requirements, dynamics and prospects of the life sciences, IT & software and technology and manufacturing industries.

Our solutions include translation, localization and consulting in more than 150 language pairs, with a range of supporting services designed to help you communicate your message to the international audiences and secure a positive global presence.

Homegrown technology, highly developed project management and linguistic expertise enable us to exceed the expectations of our clients in regard to speed, flexibility, quality, reliability and integrity.

Why Choose Us

“Fast and Professional”

That’s how our clients describe us.

Because You Can Rely on Ciklopea

  • A wide range of linguistic solutions and language pairs in one place
  • Accuracy and quality
  • Delivery according to agreement
  • Availability of high-quality resources
  • Capacity to handle large and complex projects
  • Business operations in accordance with international quality standards
  • The best price / quality ratio on the market
  • We can adapt to your specific demands
  • Continuing support after we finish your project

Because We’re Different

We do not conform to the competition on the market, but strive to be different and be recognized as a leader setting trends.

Your Relationship with Us will Be Direct and Open

At Ciklopea, we focus on building relationships and work hard to maintain enduring and positive business relationships.

We adopt a personal approach to each client, developing a plan of action and managing translation and localization projects innovatively, so infusing the process with added value.

We’re Customer-centric

We listen to you, understand your requirements and identify the best approach to the task or challenge. We provide access to our resources and suggest the best possible solution for your project, whether large or small, complex or simple.

We’re Tech-Savvy

The continuous integration of the newest technologies in our business processes enables us to provide added value and deliver top quality solutions.

Because You Stand on Solid Ground with Us

  • Clearly defined mission and vision, business strategy and operating plan
  • We stick to our values and ethical principles
  • We apply modern organizational concepts and our own methods of managing translation projects
  • We use the latest technology
  • Experience acquired from a wide range of projects

We Improve our Processes Continuously

Our business philosophy is based on change managements. All business processes are planned, analyzed, and improved where necessary.

Core Values


ciklopea chart


Our Story

Beginnings and Early Days

Ciklopea was founded in 2003 and has come a long way from a modest, home-based startup to a regional leader and a renowned LSP on the global market.

The company founder Sandra Stojak began translating work while studying German and Italian, gaining experience and insight into the complex workings of the language industry. As her studies progressed, so did the scope of her business and by the time she graduated, Sandra was an accomplished professional translator.

But it was one particular technical documentation translation project that launched Ciklopea. This complex translation project, larger than any before, required professionalism and dedication, with the creation of an expert, multidisciplinary team, and so Ciklopea was born.

Technology, Standards and Exponential Growth

The experience and knowledge acquired through the first complex project inspired Ciklopea to develop operations completely differently from the local competition companies at the time. Our initial zeal and entrepreneurial spirit drove us to endorse the Trados CAT tool and develop our own translation management system (TMS) and original project management methodology early in the company’s history.

The period between 2006 and 2009 was marked by exponential business growth and staff expansion, along with the opening of the first branch office in Rijeka in 2009. Business growth demanded improvements to the management structure, organization and internal processes, so the ISO 9001 and EN 15038 standards were implemented in 2009.

Our History

Transformation and International Business

2010 was marked by launching the restructuring process and setting up an international business. Previously a regionally focused company, Ciklopea launched itself onto the global market, focusing on particular industries and services with added values. A scalable technological and managerial company infrastructure was built.

The company was awarded a socially responsible business award in 2011, while the first machine translation solution was launched in 2012. Ciklopea’s results and work quality were recognized by renowned institutions such as the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), which provided financial support for implementing the ISO 27001 information security standard, and the European Union, which helped the company complete the “Localization – High Tech Translation” project and fully digitalize its business operations.

2014 was an important year, as Ciklopea was awarded the CPP Certificate for Excellence in Human Resources Management, and the Key Difference award for accomplishments in the field of human resources. In 2014, Ciklopea also opened its branch office in Belgrade, Serbia, enlarging its physical scope and continuing business growth.

Late in 2015, the company relocated its Zagreb headquarters and completed an extensive rebranding campaign, communicating its values and organizational changes to the outside worlds with a new motto Individual approach. Customized solutions.

The Present

Today, Ciklopea is a modern 21st century company comprising the best people, implementing top industry standards for process quality and information security, using cutting-edge technology and keeping an optimistic eye on the future and the imminent challenges.

The company is run by a professional management team comprising competent, expert individuals, while our core business values remain simplicity, transparency, partnership and continuous process improvement.

What does Ciklopea mean?

That’s a question which has popped up time and again since 2003.

Goddess Ciklopea

Ciklopea was the goddess of translation, worshipped throughout the ancient world.

It’s a simple enough question, but as any linguist knows, some words simply defy a straightforward explanation and it takes some real digging to explain their meaning. Like many other stories, this one begins with …

The Myth

Read the rest of the story of the goddess Ciklopea on our blog.

Our Manifesto

Technology Eclectic Approach – Centralized Multilingual Management

Our processes were developed by the people who understand the power of smooth international communication and know how to make it happen.

The digital era has made verbal communication more important than ever. The ways we interact on social media, sell and buy products and services online or simply gather and exchange information remain heavily based on words, even when audio and video formats are used.

Words have always been powerful and technology has made them even more powerful. Our job is to make the message accurately exchanged among the international markets, without anything being lost or added in translation.

You don’t want to be misunderstood. We don’t want it either.

We have been facilitating the international exchange of information for close to 2 decades now and we continue to do it, perfecting our ways and incorporating new technologies along the way to keep up with the industrial developments.

Language is our job; we know the power of words and this is why we use them carefully. This is why we say that we are not technology agnostic because we know our technology.

We are technology eclectic. There are no “one size fits all” solutions in our line of work. We are open to, focus on, develop and apply new solutions that enable a happy marriage of our processes and client’s requirements.

Everything about technology is negotiable. Only the professional human knowledge that remains at the heart of the ways we apply technology is not.

Executive Team

sandra stojak

Sandra Boljkovac Stojak

Founder / Chief Executive Officer.

Being the founder of the company, Sandra has gone through all stages in Ciklopea’s development. She is responsible for strategic monitoring of development projects and the company’s operations.

Sandra completed a program for HR management and has a degree in German and Italian studies from the University of Zagreb. She is also a court interpreter for both languages.


mladen stojak

Mladen Stojak

Chief Strategy Officer.

Mladen has successfully managed the growth and development of Ciklopea since the start-up days. He has demonstrated his expertise in various managerial positions, and is responsible for strategic development of the company.

Mladen holds a master’s degree in economics and degree in electrical engineering and computing from the University of Zagreb.


Quality Standards

Professional experience has shown that quality of service depends on all stakeholders in the business process – employees, suppliers and management.

Translation Standard Certificate (ISO 17100:2015)

Download the certificate (PDF, 2 pages, English, 220 kB)

The ISO 17100:2015 international standard establishes and defines the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation services providers. It covers both the translation process and all other aspects relating to the provision of services, including:

  • Quality assurance
  • Traceability
  • Human and technical resources
  • Quality and project management
  • Framework agreement
  • Processes of providing translation services

Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001:2015)

Download the certificate (PDF, 2 pages, English, 461 kB)

The continuous success of an organization requires the systematic, documented management of process quality and the establishment of grounds and prerequisites for improvement.

The ISO 9001 standard is the most prevalent international standard, focusing on establishing and maintaining quality management systems. The requirements of the standard address the basic processes within an organization, from sales, development, purchasing, production and rendering services to measuring, controlling and monitoring during the delivery of products and services.

Information Security Management System (ISO 27001:2013)

Download the certificate (PDF, 2 pages, English, 491 kB)

ISO 27001:2013 is the basic standard for information security management in any type of organization. The application of ISO 27001:2013 provides a process approach for establishing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving the information security management system. In addition to a comprehensive, detailed approach to protecting and securing information as the intangible assets of an organization, it stipulates controls and ways of protecting material assets such as computers or computer networks.

The implementation of the information security standard ensures confidentiality, which means that business information is accessible only to those for whom it is intended. It also ensures access to information by authorized persons whenever it is needed, as well as the accuracy and completeness of information.

ISO 27001:2013 is fully compliant with quality management systems such as ISO 9001.

MT Post Editing

Certification for Human Post-Editing (ISO 18587)

Download the certificate (PDF, 1 page, English, 784  kB)

ISO 18587:2017 provides guidelines and requirements for the post-editing of content that has been generated by machine translation systems. Post-editing involves human translators reviewing and improving the output produced by machine translation engines to ensure the quality, accuracy, and fluency of the final translated text. ISO 18587 establishes a framework for collaboration between human translators and machine translation systems, defining the competencies and qualifications required for post-editors.

This ISO standard covers:

  • Full Machine Translation Post-Editing
  • Light Machine Translation Post-Editing

With full MT post-editing, language experts ensure that the translated text is of a quality equal to that provided by a human translator. With light MT post-editing, we make light changes to produce an accurate and understandable translation without entering too deeply into the translation (e.g., no localization or focus on style and tone of voice). Both have their advantages and their place in different projects.

ISO 18587:2017 is used by language service providers, their clients, and post-editors.

Process and Technology

The localization process can include more or less stages depending on the requirements and objectives of each particular project.

What we present here is the outline of the standard process version with only the essential roles listed:

  • Project managers orchestrate the work of other teams and they act as the single point of contact between the client and the teams at all stages from request to delivery.
  • Translators generate translations of textual content in specialized productivity tools.
  • Reviewers check the quality and accuracy of the translated materials.
  • QA team performs the computer-assisted quality control of the translated and reviewed materials.

Our processes are powered by the following technologies:

Across Language Server

memoQ Server


Trados Studio / GroupShare

Translation Workspace



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The principles of corporate citizenship have been integrated into our business operations since day one.

Ciklopea has grown and developed through sharing of knowledge, investment in technology, use of local resources and other socially responsible practices and we remain dedicated to the highest ethical standards.

Learn More About CSR

Companies in 41 Countries Rely on Ciklopea

3 Specializations
30+ Languages We Translate
150+ Language Pairs

Awards and acknowledgments

Ciklopea has received numerous accolades both from business organizations and leading independent associations that recognize the quality of our work, our continuous development and our corporate conscience. The commitment of our team to top quality solutions has made us a well-known name in the language industry.

These acknowledgements and awards confirm our professional, environmental and social excellence.

Latest Company Updates

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We are thrilled to announce that our Managing Partner, Mladen Stojak, will be attending LocWorld51 in Dublin from June 5-7, 2024. This event is a key gathering for professionals in the localization and globalization industry, and we are excited to be a part of it.

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