Recertification Audit: ISO 9001 and EN 15038

Ciklopea 12 years ago 3 min read
Recertification Audit: ISO 9001 and EN 15038 | News | Blog | Ciklopea

Ciklopea is one of the leading translation and localization service providers in Croatia and in  the wider region of the Southeast Europe (SEE), as well as one of the first companies in the region to be awarded the certificate of from the independent certification company Bureau Veritas for ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system certificate) and EN 15038:2006 (quality standard for translation service companies). Two years after Ciklopea received these certificates, the second evaluation process and the annual audit were completed successfully, proving that all the company processes are compliant with all the requirements of the standards.

Once again, it has been confirmed that Ciklopea put the strategic focus at quality management. Sometimes clients choose the LSP on the basis of promotion and low prices, without being aware that the quality is measurable, manageable through audits. Order specialists should be aware of the fact that the service quality represents an investment and that a high quality service cannot be the cheapest one. The awareness has to be reached gradually. Unfortunately, clients become aware of the fact that the high quality services have an added value only when they put up with a painful experience.

According to the research and the analysis of the collected data, the clients of Ciklopea require high quality services, being aware that the translating services should be the subject of the return of investment (ROI), like any other project. Selection of suppliers for translation services is one of the key management board decisions because the price of choosing a wrong translation services supplier might be extremely high. As a company with a strategic focus on the quality and innovations, Ciklopea provides high quality services.

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