Ciklopea represents a nexus of languages, technologies and global business. If you are passionate about these subjects and the intricate connections between them, you have come to the right place.

Your Career at Ciklopea

We help our clients translate and localize their products / services to the linguistic, cultural, technical and legal environments of international markets through linguistic expertise, advanced technologies and project management.

Our Beliefs and Values

We place equal emphasis on professional and human qualities of our employees, as well as their safety, health and well-being. It is our strong belief that only content employees can provide impeccable service to our clients.

Being a part of Ciklopea team means being a member of an organization that respects its employees and believes in them.

How Our Team Works

We develop our own work methodology and project management. Our technological infrastructure, expertise of our team and highly developed business processes enable us to fulfill additional technical demands of our clients. These primarily include DTP processing of localized materials to match the layouts of the source documents or may be related to complex localization projects where the product needs to be adapted to the linguistic, cultural and legal environment of the target market.

Ciklopea’s team uses a wide range of professional lexicographic materials, independently developed translation assets and online resources to keep in touch with the latest developments in language, culture and business. We regularly cover these and other topics on our blog.

What We Expect From You

You’ll fit in great if you possess the following qualities:

  • maximum degree of independence
  • commitment
  • trust
  • respect for our clients, providers and colleagues
  • the willingness to take initiative and risks
  • the ability to adjust to changes and quickly exchange information
  • a cooperative team spirit
  • the willingness to take responsibility and participate in shared actions
  • constant monitoring and improvement of your own work performance


First professional experience for professionals of tomorrow.

The first contact with professional environment enables students to gain insight into the requirements, dynamics and standards of contemporary language industry including:

  • Translation / Localization Process
  • Quality Standards
  • CAT and QA Tools

The students attend lectures and workshops held by the senior members of Ciklopea team and have an opportunity to practice and deepen their knowledge.

All internship courses at Ciklopea are developed in cooperation with partner universities.

Ciklopea Academy

Ciklopea recognizes the need for collaboration between LSPs and the academic community to narrow the gap between the linguistic and technical knowledge. We believe that the tasks of LSPs also include providing a business and technical extension to the university education and for this reason we have organized a wide range of activities including:

  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Open Door Days
  • Ciklopea Summer School

Ciklopea Academy is a platform that combines these activities in an effort to share its expertise and experience with the future language industry professionals.

Ciklopea Summer School was first organized in 2015 and remains our regular ongoing project of enhancing the cooperation between the universities and the industry. Summer School attendees are chosen among the interested degree candidates of linguistics and translation studies and have an opportunity to spend two weeks at Ciklopea and learn from our expert teams.

The students are introduced to:

  • Basics of Localization
  • Industrial Translation
  • Business Procedures
  • Translation Technologies
  • Quality Standards
  • Quality Assurance

My Promise to You

  • You will have an opportunity to discover your true strengths.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn, grow and develop.
  • You will be a part of a socially responsible organization that takes care of its employees.

Sandra Boljkovac Stojak
CEO and Founder

Ciklopea in Numbers

32 Average age of our employees
46% Male employees
54% Female employees
800+ Hours of training per year
100% Employees with career development plans
100% Employees who received professional training

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