Ciklopea at the Forefront of Industry Trends – Game Changer and CRO Commerce 2023

Ciklopea 6 months ago 1 min

Ciklopea continues its commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and understanding client’s needs by actively participating in a range of exciting conferences. The company’s representatives Zana Čizmin, Chief Business Development Officer, and Marina Roček, Business Development Manager recently attended two remarkable events: Game Changer and CRO Commerce 2023.

Game Changer 2.0

In Zagreb’s Z Center, the second Game Changer conference, with its unique concept and more than 100 speakers, demonstrated the immense potential of combining the gaming industry with the world of WEB3, encompassing e-commerce, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and marketing. This innovative approach opens exciting opportunities for the future.

Over 1,100 attendees had the unique opportunity to tap into the minds driving digital transformation, gaining not only the latest insights into trends but also finding the spark for shaping and directing their own career and business journeys.


CRO Commerce 2023 – “Humans vs. Machines”

CRO Commerce 2023’s fifth edition provided valuable insights into Croatian consumer habits. It highlighted the steady growth of online sales, now comprising a significant 13% of Croatia’s total retail market. The conference gathered 500+ retailers, logistics professionals, IT, and marketing experts from Croatia and the wider region.

With a captivating Main Stage program at the Faculty of Economics and an equally engaging Workshop Stage featuring expert lectures and thematic panels, CRO Commerce 2023 equipped attendees with a wealth of practical insights.


At both conferences, the spotlight shone on the transformative tech trends shaping our future. These dynamic discussions spanned across the domains of e-commerce, WEB3, gaming, startups, and the revolutionary realm of AI.

These events provided invaluable insights and practical knowledge, equipping Ciklopea to further enhance its cutting-edge solutions and better align with the evolving needs of its clients.

Want to hear more on how we make use of these trends in our everyday business? Schedule a call! 

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