Why AI Won’t Take Away Translators’ Jobs

Ciklopea 3 weeks ago 8 min

It’s a story that’s as old as time. Every time a new technology emerges, you have two groups of people. One group is excited about the potential applications and the other panics about the change ahead and potential disruption. AI in the translation industry has sparked similar reactions.

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Ciklopea’s Presence at the Game Changer E-Commerce & Fintech Conference

Ciklopea 2 months ago 1 min

Ciklopea attended the Game Changer E-Commerce & Fintech conference on 4 December 2023, at Cukrarna in Ljubljana. With top lecturers and experts, the event explored trends in artificial intelligence, WEB3, cybersecurity, gamification, social media, SaaS, and marketing. Our team incorporates insights from industry leaders to continually enhance our localization solutions. Staying informed through conferences such […]

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Ciklopea at the Forefront of Industry Trends – Game Changer and CRO Commerce 2023

Ciklopea 4 months ago 1 min

Ciklopea continues its commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and understanding client’s needs by actively participating in a range of exciting conferences. The company’s representatives Zana Čizmin, Chief Business Development Officer, and Marina Roček, Business Development Manager recently attended two remarkable events: Game Changer and CRO Commerce 2023. Game Changer 2.0 In Zagreb’s Z […]

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When Translation Technology Really Helps and When it Doesn’t

Ciklopea 3 years ago 5 min read

Machine translation. Artificial intelligence. Neural language processing. Predictive modelling. These fancy terms have been flashing everywhere over the past several years to the point when it seems that all your localization problems can be solved with a double click. As of 2021, they can’t. In this article, we will try and explain the exact role of technology in the translation/localization process in the simplest possible terms and help you understand what it really can and cannot do for you.

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