Beyond borders, beyond languages – Ciklopea’s healthcare journey continues!

Ciklopea 1 month ago 1 min
Arab Health Expo 2024

As Ciklopea embarks on the next phase of our healthcare journey, transitioning from Medica Tradefair to Arab Health, the essence of our language solutions takes center stage. From intricately translating IFUs to devising innovative marketing strategies and precisely localizing clinical research materials, our commitment to excellence resonates.

Arab Health becomes the canvas for exploring the intersection of precision, clarity, and innovation in healthcare language solutions. Join our team, led by Marina Roček, Business Development Manager, and Ana Meštrović, Project Manager, as we unravel the business opportunities that our language solutions can unlock for your organization.

In a world interconnected by healthcare, our coverage of over 150 language combinations positions us as a global player. Whether it’s expanding into European markets or establishing a global presence, Ciklopea is poised to be your strategic partner.

Let’s redefine standards and shape the future of healthcare communication together at Arab Health 2024!


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