We Translated Over 23 Million Words in 2022–Here’s What We Learned

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Ciklopea offers many different language solutions, including translation, localization, and consulting for more than 150 language pairs.

Last year alone, we translated over 23 million words across more than 40 different industries.

Here’s what we learned by analyzing the language data.

About Our Data

As Ciklopea grew, we recognized that it was time to invest in a Business Management System (BMS). In 2016, we built our BMS Orchestrum to ensure better efficiency, consistency, and smooth management of multilingual content.

Orchestrum is used by all Ciklopea’s employees. This includes the project management, sales, linguistic, and QA teams, as well as our various support teams, including accounting and IT. It’s used by all Ciklopea’s vendors as well. Our direct clients also have the option to open a profile and check their quotes, orders, and invoices.

Thanks to the fact that we use Orchestrum as a central system for recording and exchanging information, we’re able to identify trends and take a deep dive into the data to learn more about the nature of the projects we work on.

Our Top 5 Most Popular Language Pairs


1. English to Croatian

At Ciklopea, the most popular language pair is British English and Croatian. This doesn’t come to us a surprise given the fact that we’re the leading language services provider in Croatia and one of Southern Europe’s Top 20 largest language services providers.

2. English to Slovenian

The second most popular language pair is British English and Slovenian. The largest volumes for this language pair are from medical translations, ensuring effective communication and the delivery of high-quality healthcare services, as well as accurate translation of drug labels, package inserts, and regulatory documents.

3. English to Serbian (Latin)

The third most popular language pair is British English and Serbian (Latin).
Fun fact: If you didn’t know, the Serbian language is unique in that it has two official scripts: the Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabet. This duality has historical, cultural, and linguistic roots.
The Serbian Cyrillic script has its origins in the medieval Serbian Empire and the activities of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It was adapted from the Glagolitic script under the influence of Byzantine Christianity.
The Latin script, meanwhile, was introduced to Serbia under Austro-Hungarian rule in the 18th century and gained prominence during the 19th and 20th centuries.

4. German to Croatian

The fourth most popular language pair is German and Croatian. The majority of German to Croatian projects are technical ones, translating documentation relating to tools and machines. We’ve translated almost 1 million words from German into Croatian in this field.

5. German to Slovenian

The fifth most popular language pair based on the volume of translations is German and Slovenian.
Did you know? German and Slovenian belong to different language families (Germanic and Slavic, respectively) and have distinct grammatical structures, vocabulary, and syntax. Translators need to be aware of these linguistic differences to ensure accurate and natural-sounding translations.

Most Popular Industries


1. Life Sciences: 6.3 Million Words Translated

Medical translations are vital for several reasons, considering the high-stakes nature of the healthcare industry and the potential impact on patient outcomes. From patient safety and informed consent to global research, regulatory compliance, interdisciplinary communication, and addressing health disparities, medical translations are crucial for effective healthcare communication and equal care.

2. EU Legal Documents: 4.5 Million Words Translated

Translation of legal documents supports the principle of equal access to information. Legal professionals, including judges and lawyers, may need to refer to EU legal texts in various languages, and translations ensure that everyone involved in the legal process can comprehend and apply the relevant laws.

3. Industrial Manufacturing: 4.4 Million Words Translated

Tools and machinery are often manufactured and used globally. Translating documentation ensures that people from different linguistic backgrounds can access and understand important information. Not only that, but they also ensure compliance with regulations, as well as accurate safety instructions and guidelines.

4. Marketing: 3.1 Million Words Translated

Marketing translations involve adapting promotional content, advertising materials, and branding messages from one language to another. Speaking your customers’ language (quite literally) can transform the success of your business across borders. Ciklopea has helped many different businesses across the globe in adapting promotional content to cultural and linguistic contexts, ensuring brand consistency and compliance with local regulations.

In Need of Translation Services?

As a language solutions provider, Ciklopea started its journey over two decades ago as a humble home-based startup. Over time, we have evolved into a recognized industry leader. We are known for our commitment to investing in our team, refining our processes, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


If you need translation services, we’re here for you: schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your needs.


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