Can You Be the Best Employer for 8 Years Running? At Ciklopea, the Answer is YES!

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For eight consecutive years, Ciklopea has been awarded the EU Employer Partner certificate due to its excellent HR and talent management.

Can You Be the Best Employer for 8 Years Running? At Ciklopea, the Answer is YES!

In order to fulfill all the requirements, Ciklopea went through a detailed evaluation of the quality of its HR management, which determines the experience of employees in seven key phases and across a total of 40 topics.

Thanks to continuous investments in HR development, Ciklopea has achieved tremendous results in attracting and hiring new talent. It has also thrived in the field of professional development and focused on inspiring, motivating, and rewarding the efforts of its employees.

What’s interesting is that this type of strict evaluation takes into account both the perspective of the employer and the perspective of the employee.

Following HR trends and taking the employee-first approach

Ciklopea has been around for 20 years now and during that time, it has won significant awards and acknowledgments that testify to the company’s commitment to the employee-first approach.

Ciklopea’s founder and CEO, Sandra Boljkovac Stojak, emphasized how the HR and leadership teams constantly strive to minimize the gap between executives and employees:


“We will continue following trends and adapting to new market challenges. But what sets us apart is that we genuinely want to be partners with our employees, we care about their opinions, and deeply value open communication. There is always room for improvement and we want to support our teams and encourage them to embrace lifelong learning, both in a personal and professional setting.”

This also means working together to build meaningful internal processes and ways of working that make sense for employees. Ivana Barišić Oharek, Ciklopea’s HR and Vendor Manager, told us more about the actual changes that were implemented in 2022:

“We increased the amount of paid leave, and organized many external training sessions with the goal of strengthening the skills and competencies of our employees. You could say the entire year was marked by educational events. Of course, the best results come when you collaborate with others and brainstorm together. I would like to thank Selectio, the company that always brings new ideas to the table and helps us improve. And of course, a big thanks to all Ciklopea’s employees for the amazing collaboration and support!”

Employees appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow

Ciklopea has always tried to offer great opportunities for students, be it through internships, workshops, lectures, Open Door Days, or Summer Schools. We believe that success comes naturally when you use the right tech, rely on the right processes, and most importantly – have the right people on your team.

Investing in your people and helping them grow is incredibly valuable. You can learn a lot through practical work, but also through mentorship and mapping gaps in knowledge that can be taken care of with the right type of training.

Here’s what Maja Peradin Vuksanović, Ciklopea’s Project Management Team Lead, had to say about the learning activities she’s participated in:

Following HR trends and taking the employee-first approach“The internal training sessions were very well organized. We even had an entire week dedicated to professional development during which employees could interact and participate in many different presentations. These types of activities are great not only for sharing knowledge but also for strengthening team spirit. I believe this was particularly important for departments that work remotely, outside of Zagreb, and therefore they don’t have many opportunities to hang out with their colleagues in person. However, we all appreciate the hybrid work model Ciklopea has adopted, it provides so much flexibility.”

Maja’s colleague and Quality Assurance Team Lead Nina Bađun, shares her impressions:

“Last year in Ciklopea was incredibly interesting and dynamic. I appreciate the opportunity to advance in my career and learn new skills. Personally, I participated in two external training sessions and many internal ones, and I also participated in one international conference. I feel like my colleagues and managers have offered me such great support so far and I believe that that’s not going to change!”

We’re thankful and humbled to be selected as the best employer for eight consecutive years. We will continue improving and try our best to win this important title next year as well. Because without people and a healthy workplace culture, everything loses its meaning, and businesses cannot thrive. It’s the collective effort that makes us successful as a company and happy in our jobs.

If that sounds interesting and you are driven to new learnings, research, and to easily make first contact, share your profile with the Ciklopea vendor management team:

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