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Translation/localization process can be leaner and the results can be better. We are here to make it happen.

30+ Supported Languages

Ciklopea translates 150+ language pairs.

Translation / Localization Process Consulting

Ciklopea’s consulting teams use the rich industrial experience and best project management practices to:

  • Assess your requirements
  • Identify the limitations in the existing process
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis
  • Develop an appropriate strategy for translation / localization management

# Streamline the Process

Our process consulting solution is designed to help you optimize the existing translation / localization operations in your company with the ultimate goal of achieving the optimum quality with smart use of resources and technology, including Translation Asset Management.

# Build Long-Term Solutions

We develop customized strategies based on your specific requirements and operational resources, making sure that each step remains within the defined framework. The result is a long-term solution – a leaner process that generates lexically consistent linguistic products of higher quality.

Managed Services

We incorporate our expertise, experience, skills and processes into your company, manage all linguistic processes and coordinate the localization and translation processes of your in-house team or a third-party LSP.  The model benefits include:

  • Cost reduction and risk minimization
  • Higher output quality and improved consistency
  • Focus on core business

# Managed Services Models

  • Full process management – includes full-time engagement of our Project Manager. This model enables full utilization of your existing linguistic solutions providers, with Ciklopea managing the entire process.
  • Partial process management – you manage the process, our project manager provides the expert support. The primary role of the project manager is coordination of translation or localization projects on a daily basis.

# High Quality, Reduced Costs, Optimized Processes

Ciklopea’s Managed Services model can help you centralize translation or localization projects, define processes, reduce costs, improve your efficiency and simultaneously achieve flexibility of translation and localization services.

Linguistic & Cultural Consulting

Different markets demand different approaches.This basic fact makes cultural intelligence a powerful asset in the globalized world – in conjunction with localization, technical and legal adaption, deep understanding of the target market is the key to the international success.

We can help you:

  • Assess the linguistic and stylistic quality of your textual materials
  • Identify the aspects of your message that require cultural adaptation
  • Shape the message in accordance with the target culture
  • Address all potential linguistic and cultural issues
  • Send your message in a culturally sensitive and linguistically impeccable manner

# Understand your Audience

While translation and localization are used to communicate the WHAT of the corporate message, cultural consulting helps determine the HOW and thus represents a powerful tool used to find the best possible way of reaching the target audiences in accordance with their culture, values and expectations and making a successful foreign market entry.


Ciklopea’s leading position in the language industry and 10+ years of experience guarantee an invaluable insight into the industry and provide an exclusive opportunity for professional development. The benefits of our training courses include:

  • Introduction to the latest technologies
  • Development of unique Project Management methodology
  • Lectures from top-quality expert team
  • Reference list available upon request

We organize courses and seminars for in-house translators and associates. All educational programs developed by Ciklopea are based on the practical needs of translation and localization industry and the acquired knowledge is directly tested and applied in realization of specific translation projects.

# Unique Know-How

All educational courses at Ciklopea are characterized by an individual and dynamic approach to translation techniques in various fields with a particular emphasis on life sciences, technology and manufacturing and IT & software.

The course content, complexity and duration are based on the industry’s real-life requirements, standards and trends.

# Sharing the Experience

Ciklopea also develops in-house educational programs, courses, workshops and seminars for employees of other companies or organizations. Our in-house educational programs are custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements of each organization.

Content Production

Ciklopea’s team of experienced native-speaking content producers and editors can help you with creation of:

  • Articles / blog posts on various subjects
  • Copies
  • General corporate materials
  • Persuasive marketing texts
  • Product and category descriptions
  • Specialized legal / medical / technical content
  • Web content
  • White papers / case studies / e-books

# Unique Multilingual Content

The content we provide is 100% authentic, written in an SEO-friendly manner, using the data from the target market research and following the project requirements.

The completed written materials are independently checked for consistency, quality and style.

We Take Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Seriously. And It Shows.

96.7% Of Customers Recommend Us
98.1% Of Customers Stay With Us for 5+ Years
99.9% Prompt Delivery

Precision Instruments Manufacturer Mettler Toledo Achieves Top Translation Quality through Client Review with Ciklopea

Ciklopea has been responding to our requests for years and they are continuously striving to deliver more.
Their work atmosphere is clearly respectful, equally to the clients, customers and their team members.

Josipa Bosnar Marketing Manager Mettler Toledo d.o.o.

Well-organized Process Creates Quality

Continuous process improvement and a thorough quality management are our core values. Ciklopea is certified in accordance with the standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 17100:2015 – Quality Management System for Translation Companies
  • ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System

Why Translate With Ciklopea?

Industry-Focused Experience

Ciklopea has been developing its linguistic solutions to accommodate the specific requirements, dynamics and prospects of the life sciences, IT & software and technology and manufacturing industries for 15 years.

Up to 20% Cost / Time Savings

Cost/time effective and impeccable linguistic products are the result of our expertise, experience and the use of sophisticated translation technologies in conjunction with a highly developed project management.

30+ Languages

Ciklopea’s internal procedures and highly developed Translation Asset Management enable centralized management of multilingual content, providing consistency and uniformity of the materials across 30+ languages.

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