Reduce Costs with Smart Localization Project ManagementReduce Costs with Smart Localization Project Management

Ciklopea’s Managed Services model can help you centralize translation or localization projects, define processes, reduce costs, improve your efficiency, and more.

Our localization managers help you ensure a healthy project pace and decrease your time-to-market.

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Localization project management that enables you to launch in new markets faster

We combine our expertise, experience, skills, and processes to manage and coordinate your localization or translation project – whether it’s handled within your in-house team or in collaboration with a third-party LSP.

Cost reduction and risk minimization

Cost reduction and risk minimization

Higher output quality and improved consistency

Higher output quality and improved consistency

Focus on core business

Focus on core business

Investing in Localization Project Managment = Overseeing Your Localization Process From Start to Finish

Hiring a localization project manager is an investment – not an expense. We’re here to improve your localization or translation workflow, and enable all key stakeholders to collaborate in a lean way.

Choose Between Partial or Full-time Localization Project Management
Choose Between Partial or Full-time Localization Project Management

Already have linguists that are ready to start with localization and translation? Let them do their best work: we can help by managing the localization project as a full-time external partner.

Prefer a more hands-on approach? Not a problem. Our localization project manager can provide expert support or coordinate certain tasks while you maintain full ownership over the process.

Centralize Your Localization EffortsCentralize Your Localization Efforts

It is far easier when you have all stakeholders working under the same roof. This is why we developed Orchestrum, a homegrown workflow system for the ultimate consistency and smooth management of multilingual content.

Have a different translation management system you rely on? We’re flexible and can adapt to your preferences.

Your Partner, Not Your VendorYour Partner, Not Your Vendor

If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your localization projects, rest assured you came to the right address. There are three key things to remember about the way Ciklopea works: your relationship with us will be direct and open, we will always suggest the best possible solution for your project, and finally - we continuously integrate the newest technologies in our business processes.

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When Translation Technology Really Helps and When it Doesn’t

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Machine translation. Artificial intelligence. Neural language processing. Predictive modelling. These fancy terms have been flashing everywhere over the past several years to the point when it seems that all your localization problems can be solved with a double click. As of 2021, they can’t. In this article, we will try and explain the exact role of technology in the translation/localization process in the simplest possible terms and help you understand what it really can and cannot do for you.

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Digital Transformation and Translation Asset Management: Hand in Glove

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We may perceive translation in various ways – it may be good, bad, correct, incorrect, fluent, awkward, poetic, mechanical and so on – but it is easy to forget that translation is actually an asset. To be more precise, our painstakingly and successfully localized materials for specific markets are assets simply by virtue of their function – they generate profit, reduce expenses and improve sales.

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The Role of Project Manager in Customer Experience

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Customer Experience - project manager

Since a project manager is a member of the production team, the role of the PM is often too easily associated exclusively with the production part of the service, or “what we deliver”. However, a project manager is equally important in the “how we deliver” part of the operation, in building a positive experience for the customer who works with us.

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