Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In a world affected by corruption, pollution and unemployment, how a company attained its profit also matters.

Sustainable Development as Core Competitive Advantage

“Failure to be a part of the solution makes you a part of the problem.”

By abiding to responsible corporate practices, Ciklopea has grown and developed through knowledge sharing, investment in technology, use of local resources, and other similar responsible practices.



Ciklopea signed a Declaration of Ethical Business Conduct issued by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.



Our internal Code of Ethical Conduct was established.



We issued our first corporate sustainability report.



Ciklopea became a member of the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact.

Being the Change We Expect to See

Sustainable development has been our strategic driver since our inception in 2003. Positive changes in the lives of our clients, suppliers, employees, and our local community are our greatest motivation and reward.

It makes us proud that our efforts have been recognized:

We will continue to strive to make responsible and innovative decisions, while being aware of their impact on business, people and the community.

Memberships in Professional Organizations

Ciklopea is a proud member of the following organizations:

  • ELIA – European Language Industry Association
  • GALA – Globalization and Localization Association
  • UN Global Compact
  • GRI – Global Reporting Initiative

What is Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR?

Corporate social responsibility is defined as a form of self-regulation in terms of adherence and compliance with laws, international standards and ethical standards. The goal of CSR is for corporations to accept socially responsible behavior and incorporate it into their strategic plans, taking into account their employees, environment, suppliers, clients, local community, and other stakeholders relevant for the company.

Global Governing Bodies

The largest network for corporate social responsibility is UN Global Compact. As one of their members, Ciklopea supports and promotes their 10 principles in its business operations  in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.

Aside from Global Compact, the other relevant body is the Global Reporting Initiative, which has created guidelines that serve as the basis for reporting on CRS. Our reports are written according to those guidelines.

Ciklopea has been a member of GRI and Global Compact since 2012.

Local CSR Organizations

Croatia has its own local subsidiary of the UN Global Compact network, as well as some other bodies that promote corporate social responsibility. The Industry Sector of the Croatian Chamber of Economy includes the CSR Association, which co-operates with the organization HR-PSOR on organizing an annual award ceremony for corporate social responsibility known as the SCR Index. News on corporate social responsibility and examples of good practices can be found at the website

Annual CSR Reports

Walking the walk

Ciklopea will offer a 20 % discount on the translation of CSR reports and all other documents related to corporate social responsibility. Contact us for a quote.

Why We Report?

The aim of corporate social reporting is to comply with the international standards on ethical and sustainable business practices and to accept publicly the responsibility for the company’s actions.

During 2009 and 2010, Ciklopea prepared and selected indicators on which it would report. In 2011, we issued our first corporate sustainability report.

We hope that our practice of corporate social reporting will have a positive impact on our business, clients, employees, local community, and all other stakeholders. Finally, our reports are meant to serve as the starting point in the dialogue with our stakeholders, and we expect and welcome all your comments and suggestions, since we wish to report on the issues that are of importance to you in the future.

Ethical Principles

In 2005, Ciklopea signed a Declaration of Ethical Business Conduct issued by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Our internal Code of Ethical Conduct was established in 2010 and covers not only the general values that our company promotes, such as honesty and responsible behavior, but it also offers answers on how to act in concrete situations and determines acceptable behavior in different interactions with partners, clients and employees.

Download our Declaration of Human Rights (PDF, 1 page, 30 kB)

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