Ciklopea to Hold Two Translation Workshops at the Department of German Studies in Zadar

Ciklopea 1 month ago 1 min read

The Department of German Studies in Zadar is set to host two workshops in mid-January, organized in collaboration with Ciklopea.

The workshops will be led by translator Marijana Mikić for the third consecutive year. The first one is titled “Post-Editing in Practice” and it aims to familiarize students with the role of a post-editor and the demands of post-editing in the translation process.

The second session, “Workflow Demonstration”, will offer participants a practical demonstration of the workflow in a translation agency, providing insights into everyday procedures and activities. This session is intended to prepare students for the expectations of the professional market.

These workshops offer valuable opportunities for students to gain practical knowledge and insights into the translation industry, potentially shaping their future careers.

Ciklopea has been known for sharing its knowledge and organizing various regional workshops in the past. Learn more about our involvement and the other opportunities we offer to students.

We’re always looking for new team members so feel free to fill out the open application here.

Good luck!

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