Topomatika Automates Website Localization and Develops Digital Translation Assets with Ciklopea

Development of digital assets for localization

Topomatika is a leader in precise industrial 3D metrology on the markets of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The company specializes in 3D digitalization including scanning, measuring and manipulation of shapes, dimensions and deformations of objects ranging in sizes from tens of millimeters to tens of meters.

The company approached us with a request to localize their website to Slovenian. In addition to providing localization services, we also helped the client develop digital assets and infrastructure that would enable faster and smoother localization of the website and any updates in the future.

The Challenge

The request was a full localization of the client’s WordPress-based website that included adaptation of all online content that is visible to the user. For this reason, the solution had to be automated and customized in accordance with the client’s existing infrastructure.

The Solution

As the goal from the start was to develop translation assets for future use, we opted for the Memsource CAT integration with WPML due to its cloud infrastructure, simplicity and powerful features.

After the technical preparation stages that included testing and customization of WordPress, WPML and Memsource in accordance with the client’s requirements and the website architecture, as well any work that had to be performed manually, our linguist team could begin their work in Memsource.

Linguistic adaptation was performed on time through standard TEP workflow that included translation, editing and proofreading plus computer-assisted Quality Assurance, and, following the client’s review and approval of localized content, it was published online.

This was followed by another check of localized content on the website by professional linguists that included check of the integration of the localized content in terms of layouts and other technical aspects, as well as any smaller tasks that had to be performed manually such as setting up featured images and SEO titles/descriptions.

The multidisciplinary knowledge and dedication of the Ciklopea teams provided us with a customized localization solution to suit our needs.

Nenad Drvar, Head of deformation department

The Result

The result of all project phases is a CAT infrastructure in cloud, custom-tailored to suit the client’s requirements. Any localization to another language will take less time and resources, while the output of localization in this language pair is also translation memory, a digital asset that enables easier, faster and more cost-effective localization of any subsequent updates of the existing content, ensuring full stylistic, technical and terminological consistency.

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