Technical Catalogue Localization with Regional Expertise [Article]

# The Challenge

Our client, an internationally renowned manufacturer of furniture based in Germany, wanted to localize their technical catalogue to Croatian in accordance with the previously used terminology. In addition, the client also intended to use the materials localized to Croatian on the markets of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

# The Solution

We began by examining the expert terminology list used on the previous projects. It was concluded that this resource was usable, but required some minor editing. In collaboration with the client’s branch office in Croatia, we developed a new terminology base to be used during the project and to be stored for future use.

With the translation resources ready and the project requirements clearly stated, we were able to begin the execution of the project.

We also introduced the client to the linguistic landscape of the South Slavic linguistic area and explained why it was necessary to localize the materials in accordance with the standardized written forms of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, respectively.

#The Result

To the satisfaction of all the parties, the project of localization of the technical catalogue was successfully finished in under four months. Close cooperation with the client and sharing of knowledge enabled the client to reduce the costs while maintaining quality, and the end users received technical catalogues that comply with all legal, professional and linguistic standards.