The Four Eyes Principle in the Language Industry: How Does it Work?

Miloš Matović 3 years ago Comment

Every serious language service provider has a quality management system in place that may include various steps depending on the project requirements. However, these quality management systems are always built around the two major phases of translation/localization project – translation and revision (also known as bilingual editing) that are performed by two individual linguists or linguist teams.

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Interview with Marija Omazić: “New generations of students are more digitally literate and more mobile”

Zana Čizmin 3 years ago Comment
Marija Omazić

After several years of successful cooperation, we decided to learn more about Marija Omazić, full professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Osijek and the chair of the master’s programme in translation at the Department of English. She shared with us the joys of working with students and the details about many projects she was involved in.

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Ciklopea is looking for professional translators and proofreaders for the Slovene language (m/f)

Ciklopea 5 years ago Comment
translators and proofreaders for the Serbian language

Ciklopea is offering several positions for an external associate: translator and proofreader (male/female) for English, German <> Slovenian several positions for an external associate: translator and proofreader (male/female) for French, Italian, Spanish <> Slovenian Candidates are expected to have: at least two years of experience in the fields of translation and localization, experience with translation […]

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Ciklopea Summer School 2015

Ciklopea 6 years ago 1 comments
Ciklopea Summer School 2015 | News | Blog | Ciklopea

Ciklopea, in its capacity of a regional leader in the language industry, has previously taken part in initiating and realizing the cooperation between the industry and the academic community. In addition to the ongoing organization and giving lectures at the universities with the aim of training young translators and having the Doors Open Days, as […]

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