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Celebrating 10 years in business

Ciklopea 8 years ago Comment

This is a very exciting time for Ciklopea: this month we are celebrating 10 years in the translation business. During this time more than a thousand business relationships were built on the continuous confirmation of high reliability and good practice. As we all know, any successful business stands on the foundation of serving your clients […]

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CSR Award for 2012 – Indeks DOP

Ciklopea 9 years ago Comment
Ciklopea Receives CSR Award for 2011 | Blog | Ciklopea

The 4th National Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility was held yesterday, 25 April 2013, at the Regent Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb under the patronage of the president of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipović. Ciklopea has for the second time received the CSR Award, this time for 2012, in the category of small business for […]

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