Machine Translation

Science or Fiction: Machine Translation Explained

Juraj Močilac 3 years ago Comment
Science or Fiction: Machine Translation Explained | Blog | Ciklopea

Once when I was a kid, I was passing by a car wash which had the big written sign “Machine washing and polishing” with a friend who asked me, all amazed, “Wow, they have machines to wash the cars?!” And the guy who worked there heard him and replied, mildly disappointed “Do I look like a machine to you?” We did not expect that, but he, indeed, was still a human being. Same goes with machine translation (MT).

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Ciklopea Becomes SDL LSP Partner

Ciklopea 4 years ago Comment
Ciklopea postala SDL LSP partner

We are pleased to announce that Ciklopea has joined the SDL LSP Partner Program. The strategic partnership helps us update and verify our SDL expertise by SDL, streamline our processes and expand the possibilities of advanced linguistic solutions. SDL Trados Studio, GroupShare and MultiTerm have been among our standard tools since the very beginning of […]

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