Healthy & Socially Responsible Lifestyle at Ciklopea

Ivana Barišić Oharek 1 year ago Comment

We all like to think that we’re working for a socially responsible company. Everyone talks about the different achievements and recognition related to successful business operations, care for their employees and the environment. But what exactly does it mean in the language industry? Is it possible for such company to have a healthy and socially responsible approach to its stakeholders and the society in general?

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Ciklopea Receives CSR Award for 2011

Ciklopea 10 years ago Comment
Ciklopea Receives CSR Award for 2011 | Blog | Ciklopea

Ciklopea was awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility award (Indeks DOP-a) at the 15th anniversary of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development. The company was given the CSR award for its first Corporate Sustainability Report, which ranks it among many other successful businesses that endorse CSR and the Global Reporting Initiative. The CSR award is […]

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