Translation Quality Assurance That Gives You a Peace of MindTranslation Quality Assurance That Gives You a Peace of Mind

We implement specific Translation Quality Assurance Programs that ensure your multilingual communication is top-notch.

Prevent translation errors and ensure your content resonates with international audiences. It’s that easy.

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Great Translation Quality Assurance = Great Consistency Without Translation Errors

Each of our projects is executed in accordance with the 6-eye principle, meaning that at least three different linguists/experts have checked the translated materials before the delivery.

We use the 6-eye principle

We use the 6-eye principle

We check accuracy, precision, style, and fluency

We check accuracy, precision, style, and fluency

We provide centralized management of in-country resources

We provide centralized management of in-country resources

Human Translation = Success in Adapting Your Message to Your Target Market

We offer seamless linguistic and cultural adaptation to multilingual market environments.

Translation quality assurance by expert linguistsTranslation quality assurance by expert linguists

Our professional human translators perform bilingual review of translation quality by comparing the target materials against the source text. We check for accuracy, precision, style, and fluency.

If you’re looking for a separate service of bilingual review of third-party translations, we can help out as well - whether it’s machine translations or human ones.

Translation Quality Assurance with In-Context ReviewTranslation Quality Assurance with In-Context Review

It is not always possible to visualize the translated content in its intended layout during the translation/localization process.

During the in-context review, our linguist and subject-matter experts make sure that the translation is adapted perfectly into the target layout. This is useful for multimedia files, websites, software, as well as graphic materials.

Custom Translation Quality Assurance ProgramsCustom Translation Quality Assurance Programs

We can provide custom-tailored QA programs in accordance with your requirements. It is also possible to implement a computer-assisted QA check by professional human linguists.

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Language Quality: Why Should You Even Care?

Ciklopea 3 years ago

Nobody likes the grammar police of the internet. Unless somebody is typing an email or any other material with the purpose to truly make an impression, spellcheckers usually annoy people. Nobody likes being corrected  for something so banal as language because people tend to view language as nothing more than a communication tool and don’t bother with it as long as it works. Fair enough. So why should you even care about the language quality at all?

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The Missing Piece In Translating Clinical Research Materials

Mladen Stojak 5 years ago
Translating Clinical Research

That dreadful phrase bad translation has two distinct meanings – first, there is the obvious one, a text (or any other material) replete with errors in meaning, style, grammar and orthography and second, the more serious one, including delayed and cancelled product launches, loss of time, resources and energy and, most dreadful of them all, negative representation on a foreign market, which is also the price of a bad translation.

How to prevent it?

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Updating Clinical Study Documentation: Translation, Consistency and Quality

Ciklopea 5 years ago
Updating Clinical Study Documentation: Translation, Consistency and Quality

The amount of textual materials used before, during and after clinical research is often massive as they include a wide range of documents composed by healthcare professionals, legal and financial experts and patients. If any of these documents needs to be updated or changed for any reason, amending and updating the translated versions may be difficult and time-consuming.

Luckily, there are processes and technologies designed to make these actions painless.

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