Human Translation Services by Native Speakers

Our linguistic teams consist of professional, university-educated translators who are native speakers of the target languages.

The teams are formed based on experience, subject-matter expertise, and language combinations.

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Why choose Ciklopea for human translation?

Ciklopea’s team combines linguistic and expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and advanced translation project management for ultimate efficiency, speed, and reliability.

University-educated native translators

University-educated native translators

Professional CAT and QA software

Professional CAT and QA software

Customized and scalable  linguistic solutions

Customized and scalable linguistic solutions

Human Translation = Success in Adapting Your Message to Your Target Market

We offer seamless linguistic and cultural adaptation to multilingual market environments.

Award-winning Human Translation ServicesAward-winning Human Translation Services

We have received acknowledgments and awards confirming our professional, environmental, and social excellence.

Everything about technology is negotiable. Only the professional human knowledge that remains at the heart of the ways we apply technology is not.

Human Translation Quality Comes From People, Tech, and ProcessesHuman Translation Quality Comes From People, Tech, and Processes

We have earned certificates for translation standards, quality management, and information security management.

We are open to developing new solutions that ensure a happy marriage of our processes and our client’s requirements.

Your Partner, Not Your VendorYour Partner, Not Your Vendor

There are many uncertainties in the business world. To make things a bit easier for you, we enable you to stand on solid ground with us. We stick to our values and ethical principles and apply modern organizational concepts and our own methods of managing translation projects.

We deliver the best localization services. The numbers don’t lie.

95% Customers recommend us
98.1% Customers stay with us
99.6% Proven delivery accuracy

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The Four Eyes Principle in the Language Industry: How Does it Work?

Ciklopea 5 years ago

Every serious language service provider has a quality management system in place that may include various steps depending on the project requirements. However, these quality management systems are always built around the two major phases of translation/localization project – translation and revision (also known as bilingual editing) that are performed by two individual linguists or linguist teams.

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