Translation for The Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Ciklopea’s language solutions for the travel and hospitality industry have been developed to help the tourism professionals reach, engage and support their clients and customers worldwide through combination of professional human knowledge, smart application of the cutting-edge technologies and a highly developed project management.

The essence of tourism and hospitality is cosmopolitan, multilingual and multicultural, as the main focus of the industry are the people who travel and spend their time abroad. Language services for travel and hospitality include translation and localization of an extremely wide range of materials, from websites and hotel or restaurant menus to multilingual social media communication with clients and guests before and after their visits.

Due to the industries’ multicultural nature, special attention has to be taken to create and translate culturally independent content that no foreign visitor could possibly find offending and that most clients can find compelling – and this is exactly what we can help you achieve.

Ciklopea’s expert teams consisting of native professional linguists and in-country consultants are highly experienced in localization and translation of various materials related to tourism and hospitality, including but not limited to:

  • Websites
  • Menus
  • Hotel brochures
  • Restaurant brochures
  • Travel brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media communication


We can help you make your localized materials really punch and sparkle and produce the desired effects with our cultural consulting and creative translation or transcreation services.

In contrast to semantics-centered translation and localization processes, transcreation is a sophisticated language service designed to convey the style, tone and purpose of your original message to the international markets. The purpose of transcreated content is to retain the desired rhythm and vividness of source materials in order to make a strong connection with the target audiences.

Digital marketing solutions for travel and hospitality

Our localization solutions can be expanded with further services to help you achieve your strategic marketing goals.

These services include:

Streamlined translation process

Ciklopea’s processes have been optimized to provide a hassle-free experience for all the parties involved. Project ordering, execution and delivery are fully automated and performed via Orchestrum, our proprietary translation management cloud solution.

We at Ciklopea take security and confidentiality of your materials seriously and execute our projects in accordance with the international information security standards such as ISO 27001:2013.

Case Study

Leading Croatian Travel Brand Maistra Globalizes Travel & Tourism Materials with Ciklopea