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You may not notice the quality of a translation unless it is poor, which may affect brand image, brand loyalty and business in general. We are here to prevent this from happening.

30+ Supported Languages

Ciklopea translates 150+ language pairs.

Professional Human Translation

Ciklopea’s translation solutions combine linguistic and expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology and advanced translation project management for ultimate efficiency, speed and reliability.

# People

Our linguistic teams consist of professional, university educated translators who are native speakers of the target languages. The teams are built on experience, subject-matter expertise and language combinations.

# Technology

All Ciklopea’s projects are performed in professional CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software that enables cost / time efficiency and ultimate consistency through the use of translation assets. The translated materials are checked for potential errors in specific QA (Quality Assurance) software before delivery.

# Communicate Effectively with the Global Customers

The global market means linguistic and cultural diversity. Global success requires seamless linguistic and cultural adaptation to multilingual market environments. Customized and scalable linguistic solutions to help you reach global customers and clients are our forte.


Ciklopea’s expert teams for developing of marketing and advertising linguistic solutions can help you transcreate:

  • Advertisements
  • Branded messages
  • Copy
  • Online content
  • Taglines

# Be understood. Globally.

Your marketing content may be impeccably developed and translated, and may still make no sense in the target language and underperform on the target market. This is because different markets demand different approaches and even different types of content, so this is where creative translation or transcreation comes into play.

# The Art of Creative Communication

In contrast to semantics-centered translation and localization processes, transcreation is a sophisticated linguistic product designed to convey the style, tone and purpose of your original message to international markets. The purpose of transcreated content is to retain the desired rhythm and vividness of source materials in order to make a strong connection with target audiences.

Translation Asset Management

Centralized management of multilingual content requires the use of translation assets such as translation memories, termbases and glossaries for optimum consistency, quality and cost / time savings.

# Streamline the process. Orchestrate the assets.

Our homegrown translation management platform Orchestrum enables the centralized management of translation assets, resulting in the leaner development of multilingual linguistic products. Previously translated and approved elements in a specific language combination are reused, enabling a faster, more cost-efficient translation or localization process.

# Use the Most of Linguistic Assets

The well-timed development of translation assets enables a structured approach and the long-term optimization of translation and localization processes.

Translation memories are segmented databases containing previously translated segments that can be reused, termbases feature approved translations of specific terms and glossaries contain predefined definitions of specific terms.

# Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The development and maintenance of translation assets help reduce the waste of time and resources, reusing existing linguistic assets and recycling previously used elements. Once developed, translation assets are regularly updated and maintained to reflect any changes of source content for best results.

We Take Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Seriously. And It Shows.

96.7% Of Customers Recommend Us
98.1% Of Customers Stay With Us for 5+ Years
99.9% Prompt Delivery

Data & Analytics Company Bisnode Translates the Award Winning Multilingual Financial Dictionary to German and English

Ciklopea was our first and only choice. Simple and clear explanations of the terms have reached the users worldwide, and this is where the quality professional support of the Ciklopea team played the key role.

Višeslav Majić Marketing & PR Director Bisnode

A Well-organized Process Creates Quality

Continuous process improvement and a thorough quality management are our core values. Ciklopea is certified according to the standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 17100:2015 – Quality Management System for Translation Companies
  • ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System

Why Translate With Ciklopea?

Industry-Focused Experience

Ciklopea has been developing its linguistic solutions to accommodate the specific requirements, dynamics and prospects of the life sciences, IT & software and technology and manufacturing industries for 15 years.

Up to 20% Cost / Time Savings

Cost/time effective, impeccable linguistic products are the results of our expertise, experience and use of sophisticated translation technologies in conjunction with highly developed project management.

30+ Languages

Ciklopea’s internal procedures and highly developed Translation Asset Management enable the centralized management of multilingual content, providing consistency and uniformity of materials across 30+ languages.

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