Consumer Electronics Localization

Our solutions for the consumer electronics industry have been developed to meet and exceed the stringent industrial demands through combination of professional human knowledge, smart application of the cutting-edge technologies and a highly developed project management.

Consumer Electronics localization involves linguistic, cultural, legal and technical adaptation of a wide range of materials used in the consumer electronics industry, from user manuals, user interfaces, bills of materials, software, help files, standards, marketing materials and more. These materials localized and translated by multidisciplinary teams with linguistic proficiency, experience and specific expert knowledge required for the development of high quality language solutions – and this is exactly what we offer.

Our language solutions have developed to deliver:

  • Top quality
  • Compliance with the target market regulatory standards
  • Security and confidentiality

The quality of our translations is achieved through a highly developed translation process, designed to utilize the most of professional human knowledge and translation technologies and adherence to the industry quality standards.

What is Translation Quality?

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