Media Localization as a Pathway to Engagement

Do you want to reach your global customers, but publish in various media formats across multiple channels? Media localization gets a bit more challenging in these cases, but with a reliable language service provider – everything gets a lot easier.

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The Best Media Localization Services

If your project contains multimedia elements (audio, video, graphics), Ciklopea can help you adapt these elements for your target audiences. We have comprehensive knowledge of various locales and offer more than 150 language pairs.


Audio transcript translation

Audio transcript translation

Cultural adaptation

Cultural adaptation

Subtitles translation

Subtitles translation

Media Localization = Thinking Beyond Just Text

Around 70% of our perception of the world comes through visual images. Audio is also an important format to consider. Localizing multimedia content is a must for global success.

Scalable Solutions for Media LocalizationScalable Solutions for Media Localization

Localize all of your media assets in a way that will truly resonate with your global customers. We take the stress out of the process by leveraging our localization expertise and the technology we use.

In addition to media localization, we offer additional services (DTP and prepress proofing, software testing) so that you don’t lose time coordinating multiple vendors.

DTP and Prepress ProofingDTP and Prepress Proofing

We can create and edit your localized materials using professional desktop publishing (DTP) software.

The result is a linguistically, culturally, and technically impeccable ready-to-print WYSIWYG file with edited layouts, images, and textual elements.

Software TestingSoftware Testing

Testing translated and localized mobile and desktop apps is the final quality control step in the tech localization process.

Once the localized elements are integrated, the software product is tested by professional, native linguists for clarity, consistency, accuracy, and usability in the target language.

We deliver the best localization services. The numbers don’t lie.

95% Customers recommend us
98,1% Customers stay with us
99,6% Proven delivery accuracy

David Flam, Marketing Director at Maistra

Ciklopea has been our reliable partner for years in the preparation, adaptation, and localization of our online and marketing materials that are essential for the presentation of the Maistra brand and our offers.


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