Localization Services That Enable Your International GrowthLocalization Services That Enable Your International Growth

Speak your customers’ language and create amazing multicultural experiences through high-quality localization.

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What can you localize with Ciklopea?

Ciklopea’s team offers a wide range of localization services for companies doing business in life sciences, technology and manufacturing, as well as corporate and marketing.

Technical Localization

Technical Localization

This is the age of technology and scientific and technological industries, ranging from aerospace and civil engineering and energetics to consumer electronics and telecommunications

Software Localization

Software Localization

Information technologies and software are found everywhere – from Tokyo to New York, and from smartphone apps to big data systems.

Website L10n

Website L10n

A website is the ultimate channel of communication of today. It may function as an interactive platform for communication between a bricks-and-mortar company and its clients.

Marketing Localization

Marketing Localization

Making your voice heard globally is a serious task. Marketing is increasingly multifaceted by the day, demanding a reliable partner with the required know-how.

Media Localization

Media Localization

The dynamic world is always hungry for more digital content and localization for the international digital audiences is the most logical step in contemporary business.

Terminology Management

Terminology Management

If you want to localize highly specific scientific or technical materials, the choice of appropriate terminology in the target language is one of the most important steps towards success.

Discover Ciklopea’s 3Ps of Localization

Our research has shown that the benefits of localization come down to prevention, proximity, and popularity.

Localization = Prevention

Localization is a necessary preventive measure to avoid or minimize legal and financial risks in the international markets.

In addition to ensuring you comply with foreign regulations, localization also prevents cultural misunderstandings.

Localization = Proximity

Localization is a tool that helps brands get closer to customers in international markets.

By localizing your key messages, you are doing more than just bridging the language gap: you are creating emotional connections.

Localization = Popularity

When you decide to localize your product or service, you are essentially creating a fertile ground for growth.

The more respect and understanding you show for cultural specificities and nuances, the more popular your brand can get.

We deliver the best localization services. The numbers don’t lie.

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