IT and Software Localization

The fast-growing IT and software industry is in constant demand for high quality language solutions to help the companies communicate their messages to the global markets and this is exactly what we provide.

PC / Mac Applications

Software L10n Solutions

Game Localization

Game L10n Solutions

Mobile Apps Localization

iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows Mobile Apps L10n

Medical Software

Medical Software L10n Solutions

Software Testing

Software Testing Solutions

UI Localization

User Interface L10n Solutions

e-Commerce Localization

e-Commerce Website Localization Solutions

Website L10n Automation

Website Localization Automation Solutions

e-Learning Localization

e-Learning Localization Solutions

SEO and Keywords

SEO and keywords localization.

Ads, Banners, Taglines

Ads, banners, taglines localization.


Newsletters, social posts, campaigns.

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Why Localize?

Technology-eclectic solutions for your business

Expert centralized multilingual management.