Translation for The European Union Institutions

Ciklopea’s language solutions for the institutions of the European Union have been developed to meet the stringent demands of administrative and official translations through combination of professional human knowledge, smart application of the cutting-edge technologies and a highly developed project management.

EU documents include all official documents issued by any institution or agency of the European Union or rendered for them.

With thousands of translated pages and hundreds of thousands of translated words for various EU institutions and agencies in its portfolio, Ciklopea is an experienced provider of this type of translation, proofreading and terminology management services. Our dedicated teams for EU translations consist of top linguists, project managers and QA experts with a deep understanding of the specific terminology, processes and purposes of a wide range of EU documents, including but not limited to the following domains:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Culture
  • Transport
  • Networks and joint undertakings
  • Research and innovation
  • Social affairs
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Intellectual property
  • Financial documents
  • Diplomacy
  • Foreign and security policy
  • Police and judicial cooperation
  • Public health
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Consumer protection

The specifically developed translation process includes several stages to ensure consistency, compliance and the output quality of the translated materials.

Language Solutions for Non-EU Languages

We provide language services in all official EU languages, but our portfolio also includes translation projects of the EU acquis for the candidate countries, in accordance with the EU guidelines, standards and through our own translation process custom-developed for this type of projects.

We at Ciklopea take security and confidentiality of your materials seriously and execute our EU translation projects in accordance with the international information security standards such as ISO 27001:2013.

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