Publication of the Report on Social Responsibility for 2012

Ciklopea 4 years ago Comment
Publication of the Report on Social Responsibility for 2012 | Blog | Ciklopea

CIKLOPEA has continued with its trend of non-financial business reporting. At the end of December 2013 it published a comprehensive report on activities in 2012. The third report has been made in accordance with the guidelines G3.1. Global Reporting Initiative for Level C.

We appreciate the chance to be able to read a summary of the most important events in one place, and to draw up a final balance. Then, we can ask ourselves to what extent we have been socially responsible and if we have contributed to the development of society. All of our employees impatiently await new reports, while we hope that we have – with our previous publications – succeeded in engaging a few more readers in our work and organisation. We believe that we have set an example and encourage the changes we so eagerly want, and also that we stand out positively from other translation companies.

Our reports are intended for our current and future employees, suppliers, customers, and local and wider communities where we operate, and for all those who share our values of social responsibility or feel the need to contact us with suggestions for improvement or comments.

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