Ciklopea Wins “Student Friend” Award 2018

Ciklopea 1 month ago Comment

This year, Ciklopea has taken part in the “Golden Index” program, winning another “Student friend” award.

Plaketa Zlatni indeks

„Golden Index” is a project that awards the companies that actively contribute to the quality of students’ life, education and training. The students themselves award the companies, and the goal of the project is to establish a closer cooperation between the students and the companies that should contribute to the development of professional competences and relations.

We believe that we provide the students with an opportunity to enter the business world and get the much needed first experiences through our Summer School and Internship programs. Our cooperation with the regional universities showed that there is a great need for this type of programs. This is the reason why we strive to introduce positive changes in education, as well as in the further development of the students’ careers.

In addition to the students, we also need to thank Sara Demiri, our human resources manager.

sara demiri

“The gap between the higher education and the market needs is a frequent topic in every industry, including translation and localization. There are several reasons for this, but we are not focused on the reason, but on solutions and methods to narrow the gap between the linguistic and the technical skills.

We are extremely glad that eSTUDENT has recognized our contribution to the academic community for several years. One of the key values of our company is the partnership that we create in collaboration with the academic community, building a kind of a bridge between theory and practice and narrowing the gap between the academia and the industry.”

We are proud to receive this award and we thank all the students and the student associations who recognized our efforts to bring new knowledge and skills into their lives.

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