Ciklopea – Sponsor of The Baltic Loop

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Ciklopea - Sponsor of The Baltic Loop | Blog | Ciklopea

This year, the Polish translation services provider TextPartner organized a special event to help the humanitarian work of the organization Translators Without Borders within the scope of its Fund a Translator project.

It is a sports initiative entitled The Baltic Loop which started on 18 April and will end on 3 May 2014. The initiative will involve cycling from Poland through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden, and the finish line of the tour will be in Riga.

Sponsors from around the world, and amongst them Ciklopea, will sponsor the entire route which is nearly 2,300 km long, and the funds raised will be used by Translators Without Borders for the education and training of many new translators.

To find out more about the project please visit

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