Ciklopea Continues Support for Translators without Borders in 2015

Ciklopea 3 years ago Comment
Ciklopea Continues Support for Translators without Borders in 2015 - Prevoditeljima bez granica

In keeping with the well-established tradition of its Corporate Social Responsibility policies, Ciklopea continues its support for Translators without Borders in 2015, thus proudly joining the worldwide network of socially responsible language solution providers that support the efforts of Translators without Borders to provide free translation in areas most severely struck by humanitarian, economic, and health crises.

To raise awareness of their lifesaving efforts, Translators without Borders are embarking on Capitals Route 2015 – a nearly 2,500 kilometre bicycle ride from Ireland to Poland via France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The Capitals Route begins on April 19th and ends by June 2nd this year.

Since 2011, Translators without Borders have translated more than 20 million words for non-profits worldwide. (That is more than $1 million in translations every year that non-profits put back into their programs.) The organization has also trained new translators in Kenya to increase access to knowledge in Swahili, responded to crises throughout the world to ensure populations understand aid workers, helped Syrian refugees get critical information in Arabic and greatly increased access to Wikipedia medical articles in 40 languages. And so much more!

Access to knowledge in a native language is critical to empowerment. As stated by UNICEF, “As many as 40 percent of child deaths could be prevented with improved family and community care—not through high-tech health equipment, but though access to solid knowledge, support and basic supplies.”

The importance of language, communication, and information can never be overemphasized, and in crisis-stricken areas, language barriers may literally be barriers between life and death. This is why the noble work of Translators without Borders in ensuring the free flow of knowledge and information matters, and this is why Ciklopea continues its support for the organization’s mission.

Please visit the Translators without Borders website to learn more about their work and spread the word.

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