Precision Instruments Manufacturer Mettler Toledo Achieves Top Translation Quality through Client Review

Mettler Toledo is a leading international manufacturer of analytical and precision instruments and developer of high quality laboratory and industrial weighing solutions. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of sophisticated products and services designed for various applications in research and development, quality control, production, logistics and retail. The company is based in Switzerland and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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The Challenge

Mettler Toledo’s requirement from Ciklopea is translation / localization of a wide range of corporate materials from English into Croatian.

The company whose main product is precision requires precise translations – and remaining consistently precise from one project to another with a highly specialized content and in a comparatively smaller language always represents a challenge. It is, however, achievable through use of advanced technologies, good organization, clear workflow and smart coordination between the parties involved.

The Solution

Translation Asset Management is the prerequisite of success of an ongoing and demanding project.

Translation memories and termbases are developed and updated in close cooperation with the client’s team of reviewers, meaning that they suggest and approve the specific terms to be used in all projects. In addition to the long-term cost/time savings generated through TAM, translation assets in this particular case also form as an important layer of quality control, as every project is executed on the basis of the previously approved linguistic elements in terms of style and terminological choices. This also means that the quality of translation remains consistent even if the linguist team is changed.

The workflow includes translation, bilingual review and, most importantly, the client review.

The professionals who produced or supervised the production of the source materials or who alternatively have a full understanding of the source content access the pre-final translation to check if their original tone and meaning are adapted in accordance with their intent and provide their feedback. The quality assurance check is performed once the client has approved the translations.

“Ciklopea has been responding to our requests for years and they are continuously striving to deliver more. Their work atmosphere is clearly respectful, equally to the clients, customers and their team members.”

Josipa Bosnar, Marketing ManagerJosipa Bosnar, Marketing Manager

The Result

The active involvement of the client’s expert teams ensures that the right terminology solutions are used at all times and that the original intent, style and purpose of the source content are all fully and accurately adapted in the localized versions. Translation assets are built and updated regularly with client’s input, ensuring that the specific terms are used consistently in all projects.

The ultimate result is a fine-tuned translation process that generates linguistic products of impeccable quality every time and, thanks to the benefits of Translation Asset Managements, takes less time, energy and resources.

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