Medtronic Adriatic Supports its Regional Business Operations with Ciklopea

Medtronic, as an international company employs more than 85 000 people in 160 countries. The Medtronic employees across the region deliver clinical trials, conduct market development, training & education of physicians, addressing the whole continuum of care, creating and raising awareness of unique Medtronic therapies to treat more than 70 different chronic and non-communicative diseases in the country.


The Challenge

In 2018, Medtronic Adriatic was looking for a partner for translation into the languages of the wider Adriatic region (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian). Given its regional position and life sciences expertise, Ciklopea was a natural choice and the first projects soon followed.

The company was looking for a partner that would be able to provide ongoing translation support in several languages and whose processes would meet the industry quality standards.

In addition, since the company requires translation of various types of materials (IFUs for medical devices both patient-facing and targeted at healthcare professionals, product specifications, regulatory documents, software localization, etc.), the potential partner’s expertise in the medicinal devices and pharmaceutical sectors needed to be optimal.

In this particular case, our processes and expertise and the client’s requirements matched seamlessly.

The Solution

The first step was to assemble the project team in accordance with the client’s requirements. The team, starting from the dedicated Project Manager, translators and reviewers for each of the language combinations and the post-production DTP and QA units were selected on the basis of their previous experience and track record.

We wanted to get the best people for the task, so we focused on those with experience in language solutions development for the life sciences sector and the various types of documents, terminologies and approaches required in this sector.

Once that phase was completed, we proceeded to develop the technological infrastructure for the project.

Terminology bases were developed as early as it was possible, followed by translation memories in the required language combinations. This collection of digital translation assets enabled us to maintain lexical and stylistic consistency across the projects and optimize turnaround times and costs of translation projects.

We applied our standard TEP (translation – editing – proofreading) process, with optional DTP step for the documents that required digital and/or traditional publishing, gated by the QA processes before and after the DTP phase to ensure quality before the desktop publishing phase and to address any layout issues after the DTP.

This enabled us to deliver complete localized files in native formats.

Thank you for your speed, professionalism and pleasant cooperation on every project.
Your support for our business operations is invaluable.

Darija Radišić, Business Assistant CRHF

The Result

The result is a positive ongoing collaboration with the client thanks to application of our processes, translation technologies and expertise of our teams.

The client receives periodical reports (QBRs) featuring detailed collaboration breakdown, as well as any proposals for further improvement.


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