Leading Croatian Hospitality Brand Maistra Globalizes Travel & Tourism Materials with Ciklopea

Maistra is a Rovinj-based national hospitality company, a leader in Croatia in 5* and 4* properties situated in Zagreb, Rovinj, Vrsar, Dubrovnik and a new 5* property in Split expected in 2023. Under its brands Collection, Select and Camping, the company currently manages 30 hotels and resorts throughout Croatia and 6 camping sites in Rovinj and Vrsar.

The Challenge

As a dynamic and expanding company with an international presence, Maistra requires translation and localization solutions for a wide range of materials related to the tourism industry such as websites, leaflets, hotel and restaurant brochures, menus, newsletters, as well as additional language solutions related to digital marketing such as optimization of SEO titles, descriptions and keywords.

Maistra approached Ciklopea back in 2010 and the collaboration has been going on ever since to mutual satisfaction.

Travel and tourism services are offered to foreign clients from various parts of the world and for this reason localization really comes alive in the hospitality industry. Quality of the services is reflected by the quality of language and cultural adaptation of the marketing materials. Most of Maistra’s materials are translated from Croatian to English, German, Italian, Dutch and Slovenian and in all cases they require meticulous localization to the target languages and cultures and often require transcreation services for the best effect. As updates of materials are frequent in this line of work, ultimate lexical and stylistic consistency across different media and different language combinations is another goal to be achieved.

The Solution

Given the high dependency on style and tone, the best localization results are achieved by assigning native linguists on both ends of translation process. The source materials are in Croatian, so the native Croatian linguists with proficiency in target languages and full understanding of the materials, its purpose and target audience, are assigned on the project, while the native speakers of the required target languages (English, German, Italian, Dutch or Slovenian) proofread the translated materials for any possible stylistic or linguistic errors or inconsistencies.

The entire process is fully automated and performed in Memsource, an online CAT platform whose speed, reliability and simplicity allow fast workflow, enhance the speed of the project and enable all team members to quickly check and update the materials.

Ciklopea has been our reliable partner for years in preparation, adaptation and localization of our online and marketing materials that are essential for presentation of the Maistra brand and our offers.

David Flam, Marketing Director / Marketing and Sales

The Results

Automation of process, use of native speakers and the invaluable client review and feedback enable us to produce and manage high quality translation assets that make the localization process faster, easier and leaner, taking less time and resources of all involved parties.

The master translation memories for different language pairs created after client’s final review help us maintain the desired levels of translation quality and consistency across the projects, regardless of their size and scope.

Use of Memsource, an online CAT platform whose reliability and advanced functions are not compromised by the simplicity of its interface enables us as the LSP to deliver high quality, cost-effective linguistic products that are fully compliant with the client’s intentions on time, turning every project into a win-win situation and securing a long-term partnership.

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