How JGL Automates the Handoff Process to Continuously Translate Their Internal Communications

With more than 1,100 employees, JGL is the largest Croatian-owned pharmaceutical company and an innovative leader in the therapeutic areas of flu and colds, ophthalmology, and dermatology. The JGL Pharma Valley complex in Rijeka combines the best practices of production process management, the most modern technologies in pharmaceutical production, and high standards of environmental protection.


The Challenge

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JGL uses a SharePoint site for all its organizational purposes. The Intranet portal was launched as a platform for corporate and internal communication. Given that JGL is present on numerous other markets, a trilingual digital platform with content in Croatian, English, and Russian was created. Several posts are published on this site every day and it was necessary to have them translated into three different languages, and fast.

iva svibenAs Iva Sviben, Corporate Communications Expert at JGL explained, more than three hundred of our employees live and work in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, so quality language solutions are essential for us to convey information in a way that ensures everyone fully understands the messages.

JGL usually needed these translations to be done quickly, often within 24 hours. This meant that they had to manually copy-paste these posts into Word documents and send them to Ciklopea for translation. Ciklopea would then deliver the translations in separate documents, from which the customer would then have to copy-paste the text back into SharePoint, separately for each language.

Pretty time-consuming, don’t you think? The JGL team found that the process wasn’t very efficient and wanted to collaborate with Ciklopea to find a solution for streamlining and automating the handoff process:

One of the biggest advantages of an Intranet portal is that it enables almost instant dissemination of content to all users. With the classic method of working with translators (sending the text for translation in a Word document as an e-mail attachment), this feature of the Intranet as a platform for fast and dynamic communication could not be used to its full potential.

The reality of such work was that JGL employees who read content on the Intranet in English and/or Russian would receive information much later than their colleagues who follow the Croatian language version. In addition, the classic method of sending translations consisted of many intermediate steps that required a lot of time from the people in charge of editing and running JGL’s Intranet.

At an annual meeting held at the beginning of 2023 at JGL, Ciklopea was tasked with developing a technical solution that would automate this tedious process and allow JGL’s Corporate Communications department to focus on more important aspects of the business (as opposed to wasting time on mundane copy-paste tasks).

The Solution

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At Ciklopea, we immediately began searching for the best solutions to address this particular challenge. We checked with our partners and suppliers of CAT tools to explore the paths we might take.

After careful evaluation, we decided to collaborate with memoQ and connected our memoQ server to JGL’s SharePoint, which helped us to make this project a success.

We launched the project in Q2 2023. Almost every day, we received multiple texts that were, for the most part, translated into 3 languages (Croatian, Russian, and English).

The integration of the memoQ CAT tool with SharePoint enabled us to directly download the materials from SharePoint to our CAT tool. This eliminated the process of downloading and sending the material via email to JGL, and vice versa:

The goal of the strategic project called “1 JGL” is to build an agile culture, and one of the foundations for achieving this goal is the establishment of fast and dynamic communication at the JGL Group level, enabling interactive and team sharing of news, activities, and successes, and the exchange of knowledge within the company.

To ensure the best possible technical solution, Ciklopea had to tick two important things off the list:

● We had to find a CAT tool that has the capability to download posts from a client’s SharePoint site efficiently. This capability was found in the memoQ SharePoint connector, which is an addon that can be paid for separately.

● The memoQ SharePoint connector was not perfectly compatible with the client’s SharePoint site out of the box. This was resolved through communication with memoQ’s developers, who were kind enough to develop some additional features and capabilities to facilitate seamless communication between the memoQ SharePoint connector and the client’s site.

For the implementation of the project, JGL formed a multidisciplinary team composed of IT experts and corporate communications experts who, together with Ciklopea’s team, modified the conceptual starting point and found solutions during the development phase.

The Results


JGL delegated a significant portion of the project preparation process to Ciklopea. Ciklopea was able to automate this preparation, more efficiently and faster than before.

● In less than three months, Ciklopea has translated 109 projects that have a combined word count of over 30,000 (HR, EN, RU).

● Thanks to memoQ and Orchestrum, our proprietary BMS software, we managed to automate the handoff process and track how many projects were done using the SharePoint connector.

● The Corporate Communications department of JGL can now invest more time into the strategy behind internal communications, as opposed to wasting time on administrative tasks.

Did you know? Orchestrum, our proprietary BMS software, helps us boost productivity by 85% thanks to process automation.

Last, but certainly not least, JGL has remained our loyal customer:

We have been collaborating with Ciklopea for more than a decade. So far we have realized numerous translation projects together – from sensitive materials such as instructions for the use of medicines that require the approval of the medical service, i.e., regulatory bodies, to adaptations of creative expression in business communication.

JGL ranks among the leading manufacturers of sterile pharmaceutical forms in the European Union. Here’s why they chose Ciklopea as their language solutions partner:

Fast deliveries and continuous quality of translations were the main reasons why we chose Ciklopea as our partner on the “1 JGL” project. In addition to language expertise, another reason for choosing Ciklopea as a partner in this project was that they use their own technology and advanced language solutions.

The project was very challenging and technically demanding, but it was a success. It resulted in faster placement of content on SharePoint, minimized back and forth, and automated the handoff process. It is important to add that the automation of translation and publication of translated texts on JGL’s Intranet has also reduced the possibility of human error.

We’d like to thank JGL for entrusting us with this any many other projects!

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