How In-Context Review and the Translation of 200K+ Words Supported Aircash’s International Growth

Aircash is the first Croatian fintech platform and the only one of its kind that is licensed to issue Mastercard® prepaid cards tied to customers’ mobile wallets. With your wallet, you can make instant deposits, withdraw your money, make payments, and transfer your money. The company is a regulated and licensed EU electronic money institution.

The Challenge

Aircash Marketplace, integrated with the Aircash mobile wallet, has a strong position on the CEE market, but the company has also begun expanding across the EU. This requires not only complex compliance with financial regulations and security standards but also adjusting their messaging to different locales and translating their website and app content. Based on a recommendation, Aircash chose Ciklopea as their trusted language partner.

There were three main challenges Aircash was facing:

  1. They already had materials in English, but they needed a native speaker to revise them
  2. They needed a reliable language solutions provider to help them successfully enter new target markets
  3. They also needed the regulation translation done in parallel with the new translations

Aircash wanted to rely on a single language services provider for all linguistic services (i.e., a one-stop-shop) so that they could localize their applications, business documentation, and marketing materials by working with one partner. Additionally, they wanted the convenience of planning and unifying monthly costs for linguistic services, which can be challenging if you’re working with many different vendors.

Goran Kovačević“Aircash was looking for a combination of speed, quality, and expert support, and we found all three in Ciklopea. They offered a variety of services to us, with native linguistic teams chosen according to our requirements, at a single monthly cost”.

Goran Kovačević, Head of the Sales Division at Aircash

Here’s what Zana Čizmin, Ciklopea’s CBDO, had to say:

“We were aiming to maximize mutual value through a flat-rate payment basis which emphasized our availability, gave priority to inquiries coming from the client, made TAT shorter, and the team more efficient.”

The Solution

Ciklopea provided translation services combined with revision by native linguistic teams for all the languages that Aircash works with, as well as third-party reviews of existing localized content, court-certified translation, linguistic consulting (e.g., product name checks for each target language), and voiceovers.

The first project began with the translation of the Aircash app. The next step was to localize the app, business documentation, and marketing materials. The team analyzed every new piece of content that was to be translated by relying on translation memories from previous projects. This is how linguists ensured consistency in terms of messaging and tone of voice while lowering the costs for each new order for Aircash:

“Some of the challenges included content localization for different markets and consistency in style, terminology, and language preferences to be used in translations and revisions. We dealt with it efficiently by creating and using a localization style guide. The aim was to define grammar, style, and localization guidelines,“ shared Antonia Turić, Senior Project Manager at Ciklopea.

The project was set up by the main project manager. Back-up project managers were assigned to Aircash so that the client could enjoy constant support and quick turnarounds regardless of the volumes of each order. Apart from the project manager in charge of organizing and overlooking the process, each order was assigned to a linguistic team consisting of a translator and proofreader. Quality checks before delivery were additionally done by Ciklopea’s in-house technical team.

The Results

The Challenge

  • Aircash app: Translated into Czech, German, English, Spanish, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Greek, and Ukrainian
  • Translated into Croatian, German and English, Slovenian, and Czech
  • web: Translated into German, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Slovakian, and Czech

We used Orchestrum, our in-house tech solution for translation project management, which helped us stay on top of everything and save time on administrative tasks. With it, we were also able to produce a QBR containing data relating to volumes, rates, language combinations, and savings, which is something all customers appreciate.

These reports are great because they clearly show the increase in translation turnover and the savings the client achieved through regular cooperation and calculation by the word (gross vs. net word counts). This is how the client can clearly see the ROI of collaborating with Ciklopea.

We were able to translate quickly and do proper quality assurance using our proven workflow (translation, revision, QA). Unless a specific requirement came from the customer, e.g., complex technical preparation, our translation turnarounds matched the highest industry standards.

Ciklopea helped Aircash successfully launch on new markets. To conclude, we’re thrilled we were chosen as the language partner of a growing company that’s revolutionizing the way people use and manage their money.


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