Ciklopea Supplements Solutions Portfolio with the Across Language Server


  • Compliance with the standards of the highest quality
  • Expansion of the solutions portfolio
  • Improved control of the entire production cycle

With the Across Language Server, we have achieved a tighter control over the entire production cycle of translation, and we have optimized our time and quality assurance management.

Andrea Mataija, Controlling & Account Manager

Ciklopea is an industry-focused provider of high quality linguistic solutions developed to accommodate the requirements, dynamics and prospects of the life sciences, IT & software and technology and manufacturing industries. The company’s success lies in the highly developed business culture, expertise of its employees, implementation of the highest industry standards of quality and information security, and the use of cutting-edge technology in the everyday operations.


Starting Point

The range of solutions includes translation, localization and consulting. Ciklopea is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, with a branch office in Belgrade, Serbia.

The company provides linguistic solutions in more than 30 language combinations. A great part of its 21 M + annual output includes translation and localization to and from the languages of Southeast Europe, such as Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Albanian, but also Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian.

Linguistic solutions are developed by native professional linguists who are specialized in respective subject areas. All projects include the translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP) stages. To enhance the translation quality, Ciklopea has implemented a comprehensive, multilevel process involving translators, editors, reviewers, and correctors. The scope of this process includes a total of 16 criteria to check the translated content. Thanks to the QA feature in Across, the reviewing process has been accelerated. Wrong terminology is no longer an issue due to crossTerm. Ciklopea has been using Across since 2008 in its capacity of a standard LSP.

Expansion of the Solutions Offer

The idea of establishing an internal Across Language Server came up when clients approached Ciklopea with the request to process translation tasks directly with the translation platform for all language resources and translation processes. Across enables centralized management of all projects in a shared work environment, regardless of the file format or language. Thanks to the intuitive workflow control, project managers can define automated release processes and distribute tasks. “In this way, we are able to offer our customers complete solutions that include not only translation, but also project, user, and soft-key management, and other functions delivered by the Across Language Server,” explains Marina Orešković, COO at Ciklopea.

Simplified Communication

Initially, Ciklopea used Across technology in the form of the Subcontractor Edition. In view of the growing number of customers who also used Across, the company eventually switched to the LSP Edition. The scalable edition concept of Across allows for gradual adaptation of the software to growing needs. The Subcontractor and LSP Editions are special editions of the Across Language Server that are tuned to the needs of language service providers. With these editions, the company can generate its own server certificates. Direct server-to-server interaction takes place over crossGrid, greatly facilitating the data exchange between the customer and Ciklopea.

On the other hand, this functionality makes it much easier for the LSP to forward the data to his subcontractors. “Freelance translators can get a free-of-charge freelance license for Across, which is not possible with other software,” says Orešković. Depending on the assignment, freelancers can assume the role of the translator, corrector, reviewer, or terminologist. Following the translation, which is stored directly on the server, it is checked by a linguist. The project manager (who is also responsible for final quality assurance prior to the delivery) handles and monitors the entire process including the translation status and the release directly on the server. Once all tasks have been finished, Across automatically checks out the project and uploads the data back to the customer’s server.

“Ciklopea is an innovative organization excited about the future and new challenges that represent an opportunity for further growth and development. With the Across Language Server, we have achieved a tighter control over the entire production cycle of translation, and we have optimized our time and quality assurance management,” says Marina Orešković. “We have invested in a timely manner and now we have all the necessary resources: people, processes, and technology. We are confident the implementation of Across Language Server will attract new clients, particularly from the technology and manufacturing sectors.”

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