Ciklopea Summer School 2017

Zagreb, Croatia / 21 August – 1 September 2017
Applications are now closed.

What Is Ciklopea Summer School?

Ciklopea Summer School began in 2015 as a further step in the company’s decade-long effort to develop and enhance cooperation between the industry and the academic community.

More than 20 students from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia attended the two Summer School held since.

Both 2015 and 2016 Summer Schools were extremely successful, affirming our intention to make the Summer School a traditional event that will take place every year.

Welcoming Applicants from 8 Countries

We invite the degree candidates and the graduate students of English and German studies from the region of Southeast Europe:

  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Montenegro
  • Albania
  • Kosovo
  • Republic of Macedonia

This year, Ciklopea is sponsoring two students, one from Albania and one from Macedonia, because we want to provide an opportunity for the best students from these countries.

Why Apply?

Ciklopea Summer School is a platform that facilitates the entry of translation students into the professional world. Read how a translation internship advances your translator career.

Highly recommended to future professional translators

2-Week Program Practical and Comprehensive
5 Hours a Day Lunch, Coffee Breaks Included
50 Hours Total Certificate of Completion


• Introduction to language industry
• Introduction to possible occupation and career development
• Introduction to Computer-Assisted Translation
• Translation under mentorship
• CAT and QA tools workshops


Međimurska 21, 10 000 Zagreb (Google Maps)

This is the office where Ciklopea Summer School takes place:

Ciklopea Conference Room

And this is Zagreb:


We are able to arrange reasonably priced accommodation at Student Centre in Zagreb.

Please contact us at hr[at] for more info.

Selected Candidates 2017

Annamaria Pauković

Annamaria Pauković

Karolina Lukač

Karolina Lukač

Maja Bukal

Maja Bukal

Maja Kurtagić

Maja Kurtagić

Maja Mesec

Maja Mesec

Matea Košutić

Matea Košutić

Tamara Mikac

Tamara Mikac

Vera Jovcheska

Vera Jovcheska

Zvonimira Korenika

Zvonimira Korenika

More Questions?

Contact Us at hr[at] for any questions.

Technological Partners

Across Systems



With its smart software solutions, Across Systems assists enterprises and translators worldwide in successfully processing their translation projects. Customers from diverse industries use the Across Language Server and the Across Translator Edition to tackle their daily localization challenges.

The use of the Across translation management system enables the implementation of transparent translation processes with a high degree of automation and maximum information security. All who are involved in the project can be integrated in the overall process and work on the basis of the same data. This saves time for what matters – the creation of high-quality content in multiple languages.




SDL Language Solutions offers innovative translation software such as the industry-renowned SDL Trados Studio to the entire translation supply chain, including freelance translators, language service providers, corporate language departments and academic institutions. We are dedicated to supporting and developing market leading translation productivity software and services for the translation industry.




Verifika is a software that helps to locate and resolve formal errors in bilingual translation files and translation memories. It detects formatting, consistency, terminology, grammar and spelling errors in the target language.

Verifika features an internal editor for reviewing and amending translations. For many error types, Verifika also offers an auto-correction feature. Its powerful search feature allows you to perform further corrections if necessary.

Apply Until 15 July 2017

Expand your knowledge. Make new friends. Have fun while advancing your career.

Alumni Stories

More than 20 students from 5 countries attended Ciklopea Summer School since 2015. Read what some of them had to say about their experience.

Healthy & Socially Responsible Lifestyle at Ciklopea

2 years ago

We all like to think that we’re working for a socially responsible company. Everyone talks about the different achievements and recognition related to successful business operations, care for their employees and the environment. But what exactly does it mean in the language industry? Is it possible for such company to have a healthy and socially responsible approach to its stakeholders and the society in general?

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