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Ciklopea is an Across Language Server v7 certified provider of language solutions.

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The Across Language Server V7 provides an advanced server environment for the management of translation and localization projects, as well as the development, maintenance, and management of translation assets that enable reasonably fast and economic execution of localization projects.

Our approach has always been technology-eclectic, which simply means that we always opt for the translation technology solution that will enable us to integrate professional human knowledge into the client’s existing infrastructure in an efficient manner.”

– Mladen Stojak, CS

Why the Across Language Server?

Across is a translation management system built with businesses’ needs in mind. It enables users to centralize all their localization tasks and manage projects from one place. In addition, it serves as a single point of reference that offers users  an excellent overview of everything that’s going on; not to mention it also makes terminology management, process optimization, and infosecurity possible.

Across is a closed system with a relatively wide range of interfacing features, all of which make it the preferred CAT platform for many companies and organizations.

In many ways, the essence of Across is reflected in our core translation/localization process. This is one of the main reasons why we set up our internal Across Language Server as an option for our clients.

Another reason is the growing demand from our customers. Across has been used at Ciklopea since around 2008 in the translation vendor capacity. Ciklopea was awarded the Across V6 certificate in 2015 and the Across V6.3 certificate in 2016. The latest Across V7 certificate confirms our continued expertise in the software.

Streamline Your Localization Process While Optimizing Costs

All translation assets are stored in Across within the tool’s central translation memory (TM). Of course, the translation memory grows with each new project and is used as the main digital resource on subsequent projects.

The costs and the turnaround times of localization projects drop as the concordance between the existing segments and the new content grows. The consistency and the integrity of the localized materials is guaranteed, and the workload and prices of each project can be estimated or calculated in advance.

The cloud infrastructure enables centralized project management. This means that, regardless of the number of language pairs, your localization process will always be organized from a single place and in sync with a defined translation/quality assurance process.

Simpler Terminology Management

Choosing the right word is often one of the most difficult parts of localization. Then there’s also making a decision about terms that should be left untranslated.  This is why consistency and accuracy of any business-specific terms is one of the critical elements of any localization project.

From accurate translations of specific medical procedures and technical content, to localizing fluid and catchy marketing phrases, efficient terminology management is necessary to ensure your message gets through.

The integrated Across Language Server terminology feature crossTerm enables storage of specific terms, their approved translations into different languages, and additional useful information (e.g. context notes, images, explanations, synonyms, antonyms, etc.). Everything can be referenced inside the tool and checked during the quality assurance phase.

When it comes to terminology management, we believe specific terms need to be extracted, researched, translated, and then finally approved by the client. Aterm base needs to be developed before the project’s execution for the best results, and crossTerm enables us to apply this approach to all projects executed on the Across Language Server.

Optimal Security

The Across Language Server provides a closed localization environment and a comprehensive server/client architecture that enables different levels of access.

The crossWAN feature enables full access to the company network and provides different access modes for external partners and collaborators. Credentials are generated and assigned from a single point, with appropriate access levels.

Process Optimization

The exact process optimization steps may vary depending on the requirements of each particular project, so we will name just a few of them:

  • Auto-Packaging – enables automated assigning of localization projects.
  • Track Changes – enables work with tracked changes and comments imported from Word or other wordprocessors.
  • Multiple source/target languages – localization projects into/from multiple languages can be set up and executed from a single point and in accordance with the single translation and/or quality assurance process.
  • Multiple engines – enables connection of multiple machine translation engines for use on a single project.
  • Placeables – enables tagging and locking of untranslatable elements such as brand names.

Integrations for Faster Translations

One of the most rewarding features of the Across Language Server are integrations. Different product information management systems, project management systems, editorial systems, and machine translation engines can all be used within Across. This all results in a unified business environment where localization is fully in sync with other product development/distribution processes.

The crossGrid feature enables smooth and safe exchange of projects, tasks and data within a single organization or between multiple ones.

Quality Assurance Gets Easier

The Across Language Server enables development and application of comprehensive quality management templates. They can be applied to automatically map quality issues (e.g. multiple spaces, typos, punctuation, consistency, etc.) while checking the crossTerm terminology.

It should be emphasized that Ciklopea quality assurance teams use only dedicated QA licenses that are never used by other employees or external partners. This is how we ensure  greater process control. In addition to standard quality assurance settings, specific quality management templates are developed in accordance with the requirements of each particular project.

Accurate Reporting

The Across Language Server features comprehensive reporting options:

  • A Master Data Report (MDR) featuring the main project data;
  • A Dynamic Data Report (DDR) featuring the project status data;
  • A Quality Management Report (QMR) featuring quality assurance data;
  • WAN and Grid transfer reports and
  • An Edit Distance Report (EDR) that displays information on the edit distance of the localized materials across the various workflow steps, calculated on the basis of the Levenshtein distance.

These reports provide detailed insight into various aspects of a project and improve security and quality tracking.

Ready to Kickstart Your Localization Project?

When all the features of the Across Language Server are combined with Ciklopea’s signature translation and quality assurance processes, the result is a leaner localization project, executed reasonably quickly, with optimized costs. Our goal is to help you enter the international market by integrating your products/services/deliveries into the target market and culture.

The powerful interfacing features of the Across Language Server enable seamless integration into an existing business environment, making it the perfect choice for companies and organizations with more complex localization requirements.

Let’s start a new Across project toghether

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