We Earned the ISO 18587 Certification for Human Post-Editing

Ciklopea 1 month ago 3 min read

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is the talk of the town. People across all industries are exploring how they can leverage AI tech to work more efficiently and optimize costs. We’re gradually pushing the limits of what’s possible, and the language solutions space is no different.

Machine translation (MT) is the most common use of AI in our domain. Especially when you’re dealing with large volumes of texts, you want to automate routine translation tasks and ensure consistency in terminology and style across documents.

Believe it or not, we’ve been experimenting with MT and AI-related technologies for more than a decade. In the beginning, we experimented with Moses-powered statistical algorithms, and later on we explored what NMT-powered engines can do.

Ciklopea has always leaned into technology to help people work better and support clients in delivering localized experiences while saving time and money. Now we’ve been officially certified with ISO 18587, adding it to our range of existing norms (ISO 9001, ISO 17000, and ISO 27001).

This ISO standard establishes the qualifications post-editors must have, and the technical aspects involved in the post-editing process. We’ll review and correct the output generated by MT systems to make sure that 1) it meets the required quality standards and 2) fulfils its purpose.

The main benefit of MT lies in the fact that it automatically translates text or speech from one language to another. And while AI is great, it’s important to use it responsibly.

At Ciklopea, we are strong advocates for keeping humans “in the loop” to verify the raw engine output. Human post-editing is simply irreplaceable, especially from the standpoint of contextual understanding, subject matter expertise, handling uncommon languages and dialects, and more.

For certain projects, the ideal approach has proven to be a combination of human expertise and machine assistance. This is how you get accurate and culturally appropriate translations. Translated by machines. Verified by humans.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to optimize your translation budget through AI as well?

MT can help save up to 60% of translators’ time. This means two things for you as a client: 1) you will get translated content faster and 2) you will optimize your costs.

Schedule a call with Ciklopea and let’s explore post-editing together.

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