Linguistic Corner: From Shop Floor to Top Floor

Miloš Matović 5 years ago Comment

“From top floor to shop floor” is a phrase used to describe a business organization in its entirety

Linguistic Corner: From Shop Floor to Top Floor | Ciklopea
From Shop Floor to Top Floor

From shop floor to top floor (or in reverse order, from top floor to shop floor) is a phrase used to describe a business organization in its entirety. The phrase is frequently used to emphasize the full integration of all company departments into a unique business system, or to describe technical, structural or organizational solutions that apply to the entire company:

  • Our custom ERP solutions enabled the company to optimize and integrate its processes from shop floor to top floor.

The shop floor is a metaphor for the production department of a company, while top floor is a metaphor for administrative or management departments. The phrase can also be used to describe one’s successful career path:

  • James started as a salesman and retired as CEO. He was everywhere from shop floor to top floor.

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