Tech for Tomorrow: Our Contribution to Inspiring Young Learners

Ciklopea 3 months ago 2 min

In November, Ciklopea extended its support to the community by donating some of its server infrastructure. Having recently received EU funds designated for the modernization of our own infrastructure, we decided to contribute to the community through a donation of our earlier servers. Engaging with 35 schools and organizations dedicated to children’s development in STEM, IT workshops, or education, we carefully selected three organizations, providing each with two servers.

One recipient was the Association of Young IT Experts (MIS) in Čakovec, an organization focusing on teaching children about computer algorithms, IoT, web technologies, and service architecture. They expressed their gratitude for the donation, recognizing its potential in teaching children web application development and databases.

Another recipient, the Ruđer Bošković Technical School, seeks to enable students access to server equipment to foster their understanding of server systems, virtualization, and applications.

Additionally, Ciklopea contributed servers to Novska High School, which aims to facilitate data sharing among classes, enriching students’ learning experiences and technological skills.

Our initiative directly supports organizations committed to enhancing learning experiences in IT, web technologies, and game development. This reflects Ciklopea’s ongoing commitment to supporting the community and nurturing young talent.

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