The 1st Croatian Translation Forum Announced

Ciklopea 9 years ago 6 min read
The 1st Croatian Translation Forum Announced | Blog | Ciklopea - Hrvatski prevoditeljski forum

Ciklopea, one of the founders of the Croatian Association of Translation Agencies and its presiding member, is pleased to announce the 1st Croatian Translation Industry Forum organized by CATA.

CATA (Croatian Association of Translation Agencies), which is also a member EUATC, an umbrella organization of associations on the European level, is a professional association whose aim is to develop and protect the economic interests of the translation profession and to promote quality standards with continuous efforts to raise the quality of agency translation.

Therefore, the idea to organize the forum came as an extension of the association’s work and activities and the goal is clear: to determine and promote the best practice examples in supplying language services.

The particular emphasis is placed on the cooperation between translation agencies and companies, freelance translators and other associations of professional translators in Croatia. In a word, the goal is to assemble, motivate and bring together all the participants sharing similar goals and interests.

The forum will be held on November 5, 2015 in Zagreb, at the modern Ban hall of Hotel Dubrovnik, in the city centre overlooking the Zagreb’s main square. The all-day program will include speeches from renowned and internationally recognized experts from the translation industry and will cover an array of topic, from business development, marketing, cooperation between universities and industry, as well as the latest technological trends in the translation industry.

We invite all the interested parties to follow our news for more details on the forum organization. The full list of speakers and sponosors will be announced soon. After the forum, we invite the participants to the closing dinner in downtown Zagreb to continue our business gathering in a more relaxed environment.

Follow this link to learn more about the forum and the organization.

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