One of the Best for the Seventh Year Running: Ciklopea Awarded Another Employer Partner Certificate

Ciklopea 2 years ago 5 min read

Year after year, we prove our excellence in the field of human resources, and this has once again been recognized by SELECTIO, which has awarded us the Employer Partner Certificate for the seventh consecutive time.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we managed to maintain our focus on the transfer of knowledge

Our high-quality employment plan, the entire recruitment and selection process, as well as the adoption of new forms of knowledge and the transition to a new phase of the development cycle were all assessed as extremely successful.

Our employee training plan kept up with the demands of the market and had a positive impact on the development of our organization.

It is important to note that special emphasis was placed on methods for transferring and acquiring new knowledge and skills, and during the certification process we had to prove the value of our training programs, whether the costs were effectively allocated and whether our activities were consistent with our business goals.

The Selectio Group notes the following:

It is crucial for the success of a company that employee training increases the use of skills and leads to the benefits that arise from increasing productivity. We especially welcome the fact that Ciklopea successfully kept the focus on high-quality internal knowledge transfer during the pandemic and met all the criteria for being awarded the Employer Partner Certificate,” said Martina Kessler, Head of Organizational Development Solutions at the SELECTIO Group.

Sandra Stojak, CEO of Ciklopea, further states:

Ciklopea is constantly investing in the knowledge and development of its employees, who are the key to the success of our company’s business. It is very important to us that every one of our employees feels good in their workplace, that they develop on a personal and professional level and that they are motivated for further success in their work. We try to listen and, more importantly, to hear their opinions and adopt their ideas. Our industry is very dynamic, and success often depends on a willingness to introduce changes and innovation to a business. We are glad that our colleagues are ready to learn and that they are focused on outstanding results. Thank you for that. We look forward to further collective success.” – Sandra Stojak, CEO of Ciklopea

Ciklopea stood out the most in the field of talent acquisition. We are aware of the gap between academic education and the demands of the market, which is especially evident in the language industry. There are several reasons for this, and the most pronounced is the gap between linguistic and technical knowledge. Ciklopea therefore recognizes the importance of collaboration between the academic community and language service providers, which represents an upgrade in an individual’s education and a bridge between theory and practice. The commendable activities we have successfully carried out to bridge this gap and attract talent are the following: a summer school for language students and graduates, internships in collaboration with universities from across the region and a Doors Open Day with the aim of bringing the industry closer to visitors from other industries, young people without work experience and curious professionals looking for new career challenges.

It is very important for us to maintain and further develop collaboration with the academic community in the region. We believe that only by investing in the knowledge and skills of both existing and future employees can we achieve mutual success. Our goal is to further develop our teams in accordance with the needs of the market and strengthen each member’s skills. That is why Ciklopea has recently started organizing webinars and expert workshops relating to specialization in the translation industry, and other similar activities,” said Ivana Barišić Oharek, Vendor & HR Manager.

If you want to join our happy and growing team, check out our open positions and apply! And if the perfect position for you isn’t listed, please contact us and show us why you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

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Read more about this award at the following link.

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