The Myth of Goddess Ciklopea

Miloš Matović 9 years ago 5 min read

Some people claim that Ciklopea was an Illyrian deity, others say she was a Greek goddess while some find her origins in the Ancient Persia and Egypt.

The Myth of Goddess Ciklopea | News | Blog | Ciklopea
Ciklopea was a goddess of translating, worshipped throughout the Ancient world.

What is certain, though, is that she was a goddess of translating and it seems she was worshiped throughout the Ancient world, but most notably in the Ancient Phoenicia, as the gifted Phoenician merchants were the first to discover the utmost importance of accurate and smooth cross-cultural communication. In fact, these ancient traders were the first translators in history, spreading their goods, culture and messages throughout the Mediterranean – some sources also mention the shrine of Ciklopea in the fabled Royal Library of Alexandria.

Her divine attributes were bright white colour and a papyrus roll, while some artefacts also feature an image of Ciklopea accompanied by a mythical feline creature called CAT.

What makes her unique among the ancient deities is the fact that her cult was not suppressed by the spread of monotheism, but, as the legend has it, she disappeared when she felt that her mission on Earth had been accomplished.

Ciklopea’s mission was to teach people how to communicate their messages clearly and accurately across different cultures. She left the Cyclopean walls in Mycenae as a symbol of good translation – the translated content must be strong, consistent and without any holes, just like those walls.

Also, her name is rarely found in the books, the reason being she wanted to show that a good translator must remain invisible and that the translated text should only carry the seal of its author – provided there is one.

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