Happy International Translation Day!

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Sretan Međunarodni dan prevoditelja!

30. September has been celebrated worldwide as International Translation Day since 1991, when it was established by the International Federation of Translators (IFT). On this day translators, linguists, students, writers and other members of language industry conduct special activities to celebrate their profession, raise the awareness of the importance of their work and express solidarity with the fellow translators worldwide.

St. Jerome

Jerome (Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus) was born around 347 AD in Stridon, an unidentified Roman town in the present-day Croatia or Slovenia and died in 420 AD in Bethlehem. Jerome was one of the most prolific Early Christian writers and translators and has been regarded as the patron saint of translators for centuries.

For this reason IFT chose his feast day, 30. September, as the International Translation Day.

Translation Profession Today

The modern, digitalized and technologized world is marked by the swift and dramatic changes of the ways we communicate. The exchange of information has never been faster, the world has never been smaller, but the need for professional human translators has never ceased.

On the contrary, the role of translators in the globalized world is essential. While the communication is flowing in a heartbeat, it is the task and the duty of translators to make sure it is flowing in the right direction and that the precise meaning, intent and style of the message remain intact.

The way the things work has changed and it is going to change even more, but the essence of the translation profession remains the same – to facilitate the exchange of ideas between different languages and cultures in various ways and on different levels. This is exactly what we do at all times, regardless of what it is that we translate – a poem, a novel, a movie, an instruction manual or a website.

Ciklopea wishes Happy Translation Day to all our team members, partners, colleagues, friends and all translators of the world!

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