Ciklopea Launches Life Sciences Microsite

Ciklopea 3 years ago 1 min

We are happy to announce that our new microsite developed to provide detailed information on language solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries has been launched.

We have provided language services to companies from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors over the past 16 years and, with the increased need for a greater differentiation of various language solutions available for the different life sciences industries, we have decided to develop a new platform for our clients and partners that will provide all stakeholders with the required and up-to-date information.

This microsite is the result of our accumulated expertise in the field and presently features detailed information on our portfolio of solutions for various medical devices, pharmacy, beauty and healthcare, crop sciences and clinical research companies and organizations, as well as the knowledge base featuring various resources on translation and localization in the life sciences industries.

The microsite is available at Lifesciences

Advanced Language Solutions

We help life sciences, IT & software and technology and manufacturing industries communicate their message to the foreign markets and secure a positive presence on a global scale.

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