Ciklopea became a member of the Italian-Croatian and Italian-Serbian Chambers of Commerce

Ciklopea 3 days ago 2 min read

Cooperation with chambers of commerce is something that provides various opportunities and a certain amount of stability in times when networking is very useful and necessary for the growth and development of business.

Earlier this year, Ciklopea became a member of the Italian-Croatian and Italian-Serbian Chambers of Commerce.

Cooperation with Italian chambers of commerce, both in Croatia and in Serbia, is something we recognized as an opportunity to further strengthen cooperation with partners from our neighbouring country, with which we have always had great relations.

Some of the objectives are to develop and improve relations between Italian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from other countries, and to encourage contacts and cooperation with local and national authorities in these countries. The main goals are to encourage and develop cooperation in the economic, trade and cultural spheres.

If you want to learn more about Ciklopea in Italian, visit  this link.

If you want to collaborate with a reliable partner who can monitor the development of your innovative company in the markets of Central and South-Eastern Europe, feel free to contact us.

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